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Yardstick Cafe: Where It's Always About the Coffee

Yardstick: Where It's Always About the Coffee

Yardstick Coffee has often been cited as one of the best specialty coffee shops in Manila - and with good reason. Yardstick makes coffee that's really top-notch. They also have The Y.A.R.D. which stands for Yardstick Academy of Resource and Development, an academy dedicated to raising the quality of knowledge on specialty coffee in the Philippines with courses and workshops offered on a regular basis. These courses range from introductory workshops on specialty coffee to more advanced certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)

Now that we know how much Yardstick understands coffee, here are some of their delicious concoctions you might want to try. 

Yardstick - Where It's Always About the Coffee Hand Brew
Yardstick Hand Brew (Php160)
If you love brewed coffee then you really should order a cup of their Hand Brewed Speciaty Coffee (Php 160). You can choose your freshly roasted specialty coffee beans (I recommend the Ethiopia Guji or Shakisso) and the brewing method using either an Aeropress, Kalita Wave, or a French Press

A tip I would give is to always ask the barista to choose the recommended brewing method for certain specialty coffee beans. I find that different brewing methods bring out some flavor notes more than others. When in doubt, choose the Aeropress

In general, I'd rank the brewing methods in the following order: Aeropress, Kalita Wave, and French Press. Everyone has different taste when it comes to coffee, so try each brewing method too see which one you like the best. 

Yardstick - Where It's Always About the Coffee Gibraltar
White (Php140) Gibraltar
If you want to order a White (Php 140), you can either choose your favorite coffee with milk recipe or you can let the barista decide. I would recommend you try a Gibraltar, which is a double ristretto shot with milk served in a clear glass. It's one of those off-menu items coffee enthusiasts love to order and it's a bit strong. If you don't prefer really strong coffee, go for a Latte instead. 

Yardstick - Where It's Always About the Coffee Cappucino
White (Php140) Cappucino 
If you don't specify what White drink you want, you would normally be given a Cappucino - quite a delicious beverage as well with more milk than the Gibraltar. These are all just variations of coffee with milk, so I suggest you try out different types of espresso recipes and keep on ordering the one you find as the most delicious! 

Hot Chocolate (Php 150) 
Yardstick also has really good Hot Chocolate (Php 150), voted as one of the top 10 best hot chocolates in Metro Manila by It also has some gorgeous latte art on top of it to beautifully cap off a rich, decadent drink. 

Yeah, they have awesome non-coffee beverages too!

The cafe also serves food such as waffles, sandwiches, and some freshly baked pastry. I tried their Lemon Tart and I thought it was really good. The meringue really matches the fresh, citrus taste of the lemon quite perfectly. I can eat this all day. 

Yardstick - Where It's Always About the Coffee Cold Brew
Yardstick Cold Brew (Php190)
If you can't get enough of specialty coffee, you can also bring home a bottle of Yardstick Cold Brew Coffee (Php 190), which is really good when served over ice. If you usually stick with 200ml cups of coffee in the morning, then this should last you around 2 servings. Cold Brew Coffee expires after about 2 weeks. 

Yardstick is great at coffee and they deserved top marks for the passion they put in every cup.

Yardstick - Where It's Always About the Coffee Space

Yardstick also has a beautifully designed cafe that was conceptualized to promote interaction. It's really a wonderful place to have conversations with friends or read a book while having a delicious cup of espresso. 

While the baristas really know coffee, I can't give them top marks for service. They can come off as snobbish for some people, but are happy to answer any questions you might have about specialty coffee. 

Food Quality: 5.0
Service Quality: 4.5
Ambiance: 5.0

Overall Rating: 5.0

If you want to go to Yardstick, here's a map to help you out. 

Yardstick - Where It's Always About the Coffee Map

Well, I hope you learned a thing or two about coffee. I really do recommend you try out the different drinks offered at Yardstick. Then, if you want to start brewing quality coffee at home you can then consider getting coffee gear that will help you brew a better cup

Don't go there alone, invite a friend and have a nice chat over a delicious cup of coffee.

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