Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hops and Brews: A New Taste of Comfort in Poblacion

Hops and Brews, located inside the 5 star I'M hotel in Poblacion, doubles as both a cafe during the day and a bar at night stocked with an extensive coffee and cocktail options. The restaurant is fairly new but you can already enjoy dishes from an all day, full restaurant menu as well - more on those later. The restaurant opens from dawn (8am) till dusk (2am) so guests can opt to spend the entire day at Hops and Brews, enjoying a warm cup of Cortado in the morning with a Longganisa Burger and then capping off the night with the finely crafted Copper 47.

It's difficult to categorize the type of cuisine they serve because the only common theme between dishes is flavor - expect quality food but at slightly steep prices. They serve a range of international favorites from Japanese-style Chicken Karaage, Spanish Callos, and even the Filipino-inspired 'Shalang Pares. 

Here's a bit more on our Hops and Brews experience....

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Enjoy 40% off on Chicken N Mojos from Shakey's Monday Madness

It's back! Enjoy 40% from Shakey's Chicken 'N' Mojos from May 15 to June 5 every Monday when you dine-in at any Shakey's branch. All you need to do is present your Shakey's SuperCard to avail of the promo.

For information on how to get a Shakey's supercard, check here

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Northern Taste Coffee Co's New Website Makes It Easier to Get Fresh Coffee at Home

One of the glaring weaknesses of The Northern Taste Coffee Co during the last time I wrote an article about them was their website. Now, they fixed their website admirably by making it a lot more user-friendly so that it's easier for you to get freshly-roasted coffee beans delivered straight to your doorstep.

For a more detailed review of The Northern Taste Coffee Co, check out The Northern Taste Coffee Company: Affordable, Freshly-Roasted Philippine Coffee.  

Let's go over some of the great aspects of their new website and just how easy it is now to place an order...

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gringo: Terrific Mexican and Latin American Flavors That's Taking Metro Manila by Storm

Gringo quickly became one of the hottest new restaurants to open in 2016. With now over 7 branches across Metro Manila, this 'Mexican-Latin American' inspired restaurant won the hearts of Manila's discerning foodies with delicious flame-grilled chicken and fall-off-the-bone ribs. Just drop by any of their branches for lunch or dinner and you'll find the place packed full of happy customers.

It's a place where friends, family, and groups who crave delectale dishes and want a really good time can hang out it. With amazing chicken and ribs, what more can you ask for?

"It's always a festival of flavors at Gringo - at the center of it all are our amigo's signature chicken and ribs" According to owner Reagan Tan.

Here's what you can expect from Gringo...

Friday, April 28, 2017

Crazytella : Home to Wafella Jars and Other Sweet Treats at the Yard Underground

As the saying goes, there's always room for dessert! In a food park as packed as The Yard Underground, you just gotta have something sweet to finish off a meal. That's why Crazytella is around with their crazy Nutella concoctions to satisfy your inner Nutella cravings. From their Wafellas to their Bombettes, they have quite a number of sweet treats you can choose from for the sweet finish you're looking for. 

Here are a few of Crazytella's bestsellers...