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KitchenAid's Craft Coffee Line: Specialty Coffee for the Modern Home Kitchen

Growing up, I remember how my mom would always use her KitchenAid Stand Mixer to help her make the most decadent chocolate cakes, and I think she still uses the same one up until this very day a few decades later. So imagine my surprise when I found out that KitchenAid, a global leader in premium kitchen appliances known for their precision and durability, recently rolled out the KitchenAid Craft Coffee line

The goal was simple, KitchenAid wants to bring the specialty coffee house experience into the home with six premium coffee appliances that were inspired by careful techniques that are used by baristas to brew a perfect cup. This way, you can consistently enjoy the nuances flavors and aromas of specialty coffee at the comfort of your own home, with just the press of a few buttons. 

"Our product designers spent the past few years extracting lessons from some of the most time-tested and barista-approved brewing methods for craft coffee," says Brandon Mock, a Product Designer on the KitchenAid Craft Coffee team. 

Here are a few reasons why you should have at least one of these six craft coffee appliances at home...

Mr. Robert Francisco from the Philippine Coffee Board gave a short talk on specialty coffee before demonstrating the new KitchenAid Craft Coffee product line. 

He points out that KitchenAid wants you to be able to enjoy specialty coffee at the comfort of your own home, with easy-to-use modern coffee appliance that already applies barista-approved brewing methods used in third wave cafes around the word. 

This is especially useful for those of you who don't have the time to brew your own cup of coffee manually or have the patience to rigorously study the techniques used by barista. By pressing a few buttons, you can already enjoy a cup of specialty coffee at home. 

The KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer (Php 19,920) is the coffee brewer in this lineup I would recommend the most. Other than being able to brew up to 8 cups of delicious coffee, it offers a bit of fun theater whenever you find yourself brewing coffee for guests. If you tend to entertain a lot of guests that love coffee as much as you do, this brewer is for you! Check out the Siphon Brewer in action with this YouTube video

Based on our taste test of all the brewing methods for hot coffee, this is the one brewer that had the best coffee for the very fruity Ethiopia Guji we had. Highly recommended! 

The KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker (Php 7,920) is the second craft coffee appliance I would recommend the most, especially because it's very practical with it's small, easy-to-carry design and practicality. You can actually fit the entire thing in your refrigerator and be able to enjoy cold brew on tap. This way, you get to enjoy smooth, rich, full bodied cold coffee with very low acidity. 

With the cold brew craze around, I'm sure this coffee brewer will be a hit especially with our very warm climate. 

The KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer (Php 16,680) is close to your typical home coffee machine, except that it fully automates the techniques of an expert barista when brewing coffee. It heats up water to the ideal temperature, pre-infuses the grounds so that it blooms, and then slowly pours water into the coffee in a circular motion similar to a V60. 

This particular Pour Over Coffee Brewer has earned a Home Brewer Certification from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), and this organization knows a thing or two about brewing specialty coffee. Truly impressive. 

You can make a minimum of 2 cups and a maximum of 8 cups with this machine. Perfect for a household full of coffee lovers! 

If you're living alone, then the KitchenAid Personal Coffee Brewer might be fore you. It's similar to the KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer but just made a bit smaller, with a thermal mug instead of a carafe. If you love coffee-on-the-go, then this is also for you. 

The KitchenAid Precision Press Coffee Maker (Php 8,400) enhances the classic French press with an integrated timer and weight scale, which makes it easy to get your coffee ratios and the total brew time right. This is definitely an upgrade from the classic French Press and I love how it creates rich, bold, and full-bodied coffee. 

It's best to brew with coffee, typically those with South American origins, that highlights flavors of nuts and chocolate so that it enhances these flavors. If that's the profile of the coffee you love to drink, definitely get this. 

You can also get the KitchenAid Burr Grinder (Php 23,100) to complete your KitchenAid coffee brewing kit at home. I recommend you grind beans just right before you brew to maximize flavor and you can check that article here

This complements the entire range of KitchenAid Craft Coffee products with 15 grind settings that offers precision grinding whether you need course or a very fine grind size. 

Here is a sample from the output from the grinder when you place the coffee beans in the hopper before turning it on. To reduce the powdery bits of coffee, you can turn the grinder on and allow the RPM to stabilize before you pour in the coffee beans (a useful tip from Mr. Robert Francisco himself) so that you get a better cup of coffee. 

KitchenAid will be having a roving store from August 2017 to October 2017 where customers can try out the KitchenAid Craft Coffee Line and taste the coffee brewed using these unique brewing methods. You can also buy  both the coffee and coffee makers at at discounted prices, so make sure you drop by.

They will be at Central Square Cinemas until September 15, and will be moving to a different mall next week. 

The prices may be steep but if the classic KitchenAid Stand Mixer is any indication, these products will last you a lifetime. May forever with KitchenAid!

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