Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sea Salt: Where Can You Get It in the Philippines?

In the past, I had a really hard time looking for a place that sells affordable Mediterranian Sea Salt in Metro Manila. Sea Salt is what world-class chefs use in their kitchens because it is said to taste better then regular iodized salt. I went to a number of supermarkets and it was a bit frustrating to find out that they either didn't have any sea salt or I found it too expensive.

These supermarkets were Rustan's supermarket, Cash & Carry, Landmark, and SM Hypermarket. I finally found a great place to get sea salt in the Philippines, and here's here I found them. 

S&R Membership Shopping

S&R Membership Shopping carries the Kirkland brand of Mediterranean Sea Salt and you can get a huge container (750g) at less then Php 250. The downside here is you would need to pay for their Php 700 peso annual membership or you would have to find a friend to take you there.

Healthy Options

I would recommend you get Sea Salt for your kitchen from Healthy Options, the cheapest place to that sells them. They offer Pacific Sea Salt, Mediterranian Sea Salt, and Premium Himalayan Pink Salt. It's so affordable that you can get 750g to 900g of sea salt for less then Php 200

Here's a photo (along with the photo above) of the range of salts that Healthy Options sell. I personally use the Fine Mediterranean Sea Salt by Field Day for my home kitchen. 

Rustan's supermarket had sea salt but was sold at very expensive prices. The Rustan's Supermarket in Glorietta, Makati City also carries some infused sea salts but I also found them to be a bit too pricey for just salt. 

SM Hypermarket carries the Drogheria e Elimentari brand Mediterrainian Salt Mill at Php 120 for 90g, but I find that it's better used on finishing products rather than when flavoring food while cooking. 

If you know where else to purchase quality sea salt, I would love to hear about it on the comments. I will help our readers a lot! 

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  1. Gotta love Rustan's. A bit expensive but they always got what consumers need.

    1. Very true! I always get premium, quality ingredients from Rustans. I was so sad to see that they didn't have sea salt available! :(

    2. Hello please support the local sea salt Mina De Oro from Occidental Mindoro

      This is natural sea salt locally harvested by our salt farmers

  2. Oh Mediterranean sea salt! That sounds so classy to me. I always use iodized salt in my kitchen. This one's worth a try.

  3. hi
    thanks for your information. i am SNR member and looking for sea salt. in addition i look for Curing Salt (Brätfibrisol in German). i like to make my own sausage so i have to use this or also NSP (Natrium Salt Phosphat). i will try to find it maybe in SNR too. Sometimes is hard to find things here in Philippines special its not common here.

  4. Hi, i just like to know if sea salt is the same as himalayan salt? thanks.

  5. pls check affordable

  6. I have Sea Salt in 75 and 150 gram bottles. Weight is net content only. Still working out the costing for market selling. My first batch is intended as X'mas giveaways and retail is still in the pipeline. If I can be of help and there is interest, I will expedite for those interested. Volume is limited so whole sale not possible and first come first served basis. Sorry but that's the best I can do for now until production and market studies are complete. Reply here as I will activate notifications to get your responses. Cheers, Tonichi

  7. Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink salt are not the same. Himalayan salt is mined and comes in rocks as there is no sea around the Himalayas. Dunno how it forms tho. Sea Salt is formed in beds from sea water after the water has been allowed to evaporate leaving the crystalline residue which is then harvested.