Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Milk Cow: A Taste of Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream

It seems like a lot of Filipinos nowadays are developing a palate for 'premium' delicacies. Trends such as premium ice cream, specialty coffee and tea, artisan cookies, french maracons, and a whole lot more have been hitting the Philippine food scene. Recently, premium soft serve ice cream led by Korean dessert shops Milk Cow and Honey Creme, have been trying to gain steam.

I finally had the opportunity to try Milk Cow's premium soft serve ice cream and here's what you should expect from this Korean dessert store.

Other than soft serve ice cream, Milk cow also serves a variety of maracons and juices. They also have options for coffee available! You can immediately see the raw honey comb on display, I actually looked at it closely for a while because I was curious if it really as fresh honey comb.

The Milk Cow bestseller Milky Cube (Php 170) is the first dessert you should try. It's a cup of premium soft serve ice cream with a cube of natural honey comb on top. I found the ice cream itself to be quite milky in flavor with a somewhat subtle sweetness. The honey comb, on the other hand, had a sharp sweet flavor to it that balances really well with the ice cream. The serving size, though, was very underwhelming (yes it's a small cup).

A fair warning though, since these are raw honey combs then you should be prepared to take off some of the wax from your teeth. Don't bring anyone here on a date unless you're already a bit comfortable with one another.

The Macao Dream (Php 170) is another Milk Cow bestseller that consists of premium soft serve ice cream topped with a sweet macaron and some almond crumble. You can choose the flavor of macaron you want, so I got the red velvet flavored macaron because I thought it would go well with the milk ice cream taste and the almonds. Quite frankly, it didn't stand out as an extraordinary dessert in my opinion and I wouldn't order one again.

As for the coffee, I was able to try the Cappuccino (Php 110) and Cafe Latte (Php 110). Both were ok, but I think they lacked a bit more coffee flavor. The cappuccino itself was loaded with too much foam that you are bound to get a milk mustache when you finish, and that's not necessarily a good thing. Overall, I think their coffee offers quantity over quality for the price they sell it.

If you go to the 8 Forbes Town Center store, go grab a cup of coffee from Frank & Dean across the street instead.

The store itself was pretty well-lighted and I particularly liked cozy feel of the place. Yes, it can seem a bit small but given that they serve only desserts and drinks you wouldn't stay here for too long. The service could use a bit of improvement, the crew didn't seem eager and excited to serve you ice cream.

Food Quality: 3.5
Service Quality: 3.0
Ambiance: 3.5

Overall Quality: 3.5

Milk Cow offers premium soft serve ice cream and I think they've been successful in that regard. Personally, I like ice cream to be a decadent treat - very rich and creamy. Milk Cow offers beautiful and instagram-worthy desserts but they don't make me crave for another cup. 

For roughly Php 170, you get a small serving of premium ice cream with a tiny topping. I don't think that's value-for-money. I'd rather add just a bit more to get a delicious bowl of Bing Su from Cafe Seol Hwa instead.

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