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Gino's Brick Oven Pizza: Rustic, Generous, and Delicious

It's been over 5 years since I first tried a slice of Gino's Brick Oven Pizza and to this day I'm still raving about how good it is. Back in 2010, Gino's has developed sort of a cult following because of their fresh, rustic pizza that's cooked to perfection inside a brick oven which leaves a slightly charred taste that's a lot less oily. 

I've tried a number of their pizzas, from the classic Margherita to the popular SMEGG, and they never fail to disappoint. Now that they've opened more stores (the most recent one in Bonifacio Global City), it's easier than ever to enjoy a slice of their amazing pizzas. 

Here's why you will enjoy dining at Gino's Brick Oven Pizza. 

The Burrata Caprese (Php 335), fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream garnished baby tomatoes, basil and pesto, was to die for! It's the perfect appetizer paired with an order of Bread (Php 15 for 3 pieces) on the side. It's so good that you can just eat it as is. Cheese lovers, you'll love this!

We also had a Pitcher of freshly-squeezed Dalandan Juice (Php 195) on the side for a refreshing drink. We played around with it a bit and added the spiced honey to it. I know you are supposed to add it to pizza but I loved the combination of dalandan, honey, and a kick of spice. 

The Four Cheese Pizza (Php 350) is a classic favorite from Gino's. It's pizza topped with Mozzarella, Rocotta, Blue Cheese, and Parmesan. Don't be afriad of the Blue Cheese because you really couldn't taste it in the final dish because it was blended so well with the other cheese. 

The Four Cheese Pizza is honestly one of my favorite Gino's Pizzas along with the Bianca Verde (Php 355), Prosciutto (Php 445), and Bacon Gouda (Php 390). 

The SMEGG (Php 450) is one of Gino's best-selling Pizzas and is a play on breakfast favorites such as eggs. homemade sausage, and mushrooms on a bed of gouda and cream. Personally, it's not one of my own favorites because it was somewhat salty and lacked a bit of a kick. We added some of the chili oil or tabasco to it to balance out the saltiness. 

Don't get me wrong, the SMEGG is a great pizza but it's just not one of my favorites.  

The strength of Gino's Brick Oven Pizza is the perfectly cooked pizza topped with simple ingredients that blend together really well. I haven't tried any of their pasta or desserts (Nutella Soup, anyone) but I hear that they're pretty awesome as well. 

Bestsellers: Salted Egg Pasta, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Bacon Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Burrata, Bianca Verde, Meat Pizza

Food Quality: 5.0
Service Quality: 4.5
Ambiance: 5.0

Overall Quality: 5.0

When you're looking for quality, rustic pizzas that are so full of flavor then Gino's Brick Oven Pizza won't disappoint. I have been a happy camper for over 5 years now and I will continue to come back for their delicious pizzas - the reason why any Gino's store is always so full of hungry customers.

What are your thoughts on Gino's Brick Oven Pizza? What items from the menu would you recommend? I would love to hear your comments below! 

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  1. SMEGG <3 try the salted egg pasta!

    1. People always recommend that pasta. I have that on my 'to-eat' list now!