Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where Can You Find Hario Coffee Products in the Philippines?

Hario is a leading producer of coffee equipment worldwide and for good reason. Baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike trust the quality of coffee equipment made by Hario and you can find thousands of cafes brewing specialty coffee using Hario gear. 

The Hario V60, for example, remains to be one of the best pour-over cones you can get your hands on. The Hario Mini Mill is also one of the most popular coffee hand-grinders on the market today. The Hario Buono Kettle is what you'd normally see being used in countless pour-over demos on Youtube. 

Hario products are very popular worldwide but unfortunately they're not so easy to find in the Philippines. Here are the best places where you can get your hands on some quality Hario products.

Conlin's Store

Conlin's Group has been selling Hario Products in Conlin's Elements (Greenbelt 5) and Alessi (Bonifacio High Street). All the photos of Hario products in this article were actually taken at their Greenbelt 5 store! They have brewers, grinders, cold brew towers, and even coffee storage products by Hario. 

It's an amazing place to go to that will make your inner coffee geek ecstatic.

If you want to see which Hario products are available for your home brew bar, head over to any of the Conlin's Store outlets (I prefer Greenbelt 5)! 

I would get a Hario Mini Mill Ginder and Hario V60 filters here! 

For more information on Conlin's Store, check it out here


Lazada is a great place to get your Hario equipment online without the hassle of leaving your bed. I personally got my Hario Buono Kettle from Lazada and I'm really satisfied. I got it at a great deal because Lazada has a new coupon code (I think I used Php 300 off) that you can use everyday so getting some of your equipment here saves you money. 

I would get the Hario Buono Kettle, a pour-over kit, and maybe the syphon from Lazada.

The only issue I have is that Lazada doesn't offer the same level of variety when compared to Conlin's Store when it comes to Hario products as they don't sell any of the grinders or filters.  Weird because they're actually being sold by Conlin's. also sells Hario products but Lazada sells Hario products at a cheaper price. The upside is that you can buy coffee grinders and filters here if you're not in Metro Manila or if you're too lazy to go to any of the Conlin's Store outlets. 

I understand that some stand-alone coffee shops also sell Hario products, but these are usually more expensive that what you'd normally get from Conlin's Store or Lazada. That's especially true when you consider Lazada's usual promotions where they offer a new discount coupon daily.

I hope this was useful. If you know of any other Hario suppliers in the Philippines, please do let us know. It'll also mean a lot if you can share this article with your coffee buddies. 

Happy brewing! 

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