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Chef Jay's Price Watch (SM City Food Prices)

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Chef Jay’s Monthly Food Price Watch. This page is dedicated to helping every Juan out there prepare great dishes by providing up-to-date prices of different ingredients regularly. We would often stumble across a great, mouth-watering recipe while visiting our favorite food websites and the knee-jerk reaction would be to get all the necessary ingredients to start cooking right away, only to find out at the grocery that the ingredients cost way more than what we’re willing to pay. With my monthly price watch, we would have a very good guess on how much each meal would potentially cost by looking at the current prices of some basic ingredients.

Now, I’m only going to be monitoring food prices mainly from SM Hypermarket, the main reason is that SM is everywhere and the stores are accessible for everyone around the Philippines. It’s also a good way to make sure that prices remain consistent across different locations (since I'm blogging for the Philippines here), especially because food prices in wet markets all over the country can be drastically different depending on where you are from. I may expand to other stores such as Rustan's or S&R for more high-end ingredients in the future especially for some difficult-to-find ingredients.

If you have any special ingredients that you would like me to start including in the list let me know and I’ll consider adding it to the page.

Prices as of: August 2, 2015
Currency: Philippine Peso


Brand Ingredient Price Measure
NVU Ampalaya 65 /kg
NVU Baguio Beans 66 /kg
NVU Bell Pepper (Green) 213 /kg
NVU Broccoli 186 /kg
NVU Cabbage 92 /kg
NVU Carrots 84 /kg
NVU Cauliflower 238 /kg
NVU Celery 130 /kg
NVU Chili Libyo 208 /kg
NVU Cucumber 40 /kg
NVU Eggplant 54 /kg
NVU Garlic 102 /kg
NVU Ginger 220 /kg
NVU Kangkong 35 /kg
NVU Lemongrass 100 /kg
NVU Okra 36 /kg
NVU Onion 45 /kg
NVU Pechay 63 /kg
NVU Potato 48 /kg
NVU Sayote 57 /kg
Global Spring Onion 280 /kg
NVU Squash 28 /kg
NVU String Beans 64 /kg
NVU Tomatoes 50 /kg
NVU White Onion 198 /kg


Brand Ingredient Price Measure
Dizon Banana 68 /kg
Dizon Banana(Saba) 46 /kg
NVU Calamansi 57 /kg
Dizon Fuji Apple 156 /kg
Dizon Lemon 269 /kg
Dizon Mango 147 /kg
Dizon Melon 47 /kg
Dizon Orange Valencia 154 /kg
Dizon Pomelo 189 /kg
Dizon Seedless Grapes (Crimson) 302 /kg
Dizon Watermelon 33 /kg


Brand Ingredient Price Measure
SM Bonus Ground Pork 182 /kg
SM Bonus Pork Belly 230 /kg
SM Bonus Pork Chops 195 /kg


Brand Food Item Price Unit of Measure
SM Bonus Chicken Whole 120 /kg
SM Bonus Eggs 73 1 dozen
SM Bonus Salted Eggs 52 4 pcs


Brand Ingredient Price Measure
Nestle All Purpose Cream 44.5 /250ml
Anchor Butter 105 /227g
Carnation Canned Milk (Condensed) 49.5 /300ml
Carnation Canned Milk (Evaporated) 33.5 /600ml
Nestle Fresh Milk 84.5 /L
Alaska Powdered Milk 212 /700g
Anchor Powdered Milk 206.5 /655g
Bear Brand Powdered Milk 219.5 /700g


Brand Ingredient Price Measure
Lorins Fish Sauce (Patis) 48 /L
SM Bonus Pepper (Ground) 48.5 /60g
SM Bonus Pepper (Whole) 48.5 /50g
SM Bonus Salt (Iodized) 24 /kg
SM Bonus Salt (Rock) 18 /kg
Silver Swan Soy Sauce 34 /L
SM Bonus Sugar (White) 54.25 /kg
SM Bonus Sugar (Brown) 48.25 /kg
Prime Organics Sugar (Muscovado) 119 /kg
Silver Swan White Vinegar 29.5 /L

Other Items

Brand Ingredient Price Measure
SM Lechon Liempo 165 per piece
Quaker Oats Oatmeal (Instant) 114.5 /800g
Quaker Oats Oatmeal (Quick Cook) 114.5 /800g
Vita Rice Rice (Brown) 308 /5kg
Vita Rice Rice (Denorado) 302 /5kg
Vita Rice Rice (Sinandomeng) 292 /5kg
SM Roast Beef 240 per piece
SM Roasted Chicken (Classic) 145 per piece
SM Roasted Chicken (Jumbo) 190 per piece
Baguio oil Vegetable Oil (tipid pack) 117 /L

For additional information on prices of certain Philippine goods, you may want to check here

*PS: I will only be canvassing prices of food items. Please do not ask me to start monitoring prices of everything in SM.


Chef Jay


  1. Is the price of rice is per kilo? Thanks

  2. i dont know what's the price of the coocking oil it's not here >:(