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The House Lounge London: A Review of the New Premium Lounge by Etihad Airways and No1 Lounges

The House Lounge, located at London Heathrow Terminal 4, is a new lounge by Etihad Airways on partnership with No1 Lounges. It opened its doors on October 2018 and I was lucky enough to visit just a few months later. Complimentary access is provided to Etihad Airways Business Class and First Class passengers but you can also book at the No1 Lounges website.

The lounge is amazing - no other words could adequately describe how I felt when staying at the lounge. It's an exquisite haven where you can enjoy privacy and a la carte dining while waiting for your flight. The House offers the following amenities: 
  • full waiter service
  • a la carte dining
  • open bar
  • showers
  • unlimited wifi
  • magazines and newspapers
  • comfortable seats
  • charging stations
  • children's area

Please note that the dress code is smart casual. Let's take a look at the lounge...

The reception area was fairly straightforward, I just had to show my passport and boarding pass which clearly showed that I was in an Etihad Airways Business Class flight. It's quite spacious and please note that you don't have to take the stairs all the way down like I did - there was an elevator that takes you down to the lounge. 

The lounge was pretty large and I had it all to myself. I booked an early Friday morning flight which might have been a slow time. The furniture definitely had a premium feel to it and you can easily enjoy waiting for your flight in such a relaxing atmosphere. 

The House also has an open bar where you can enjoy some drinks. They have an extensive wine list and you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea instead if you prefer. 

Being a foodie, I quickly gravitated towards where I could find the food. The dining area is beautiful, with large glass windows letting in a lot of natural light. It feels like you are at a fine-dining restaurant.

You can enjoy the precooked food and snacks along this table. You don't get a lot in terms of variety but it had pasta, salad, and some fruit. I did like the taste of the food and it was definitely better than your regular 'lounge food' that has been sitting there for quite some time. 

Here's a look at some of the dishes being served by The House lounge that day. 

You can also enjoy a selection of pastries. I ate a lot of these delicious-looking macarons - they were really tasty! 

The A la Carte Menu is what makes The House stand out from other lounges. You can order a variety of different dishes and you can eat as much as you want. I was ecstatic to find out that I can enjoy some freshly cooked food while waiting for my flight. You can do as I did and order (almost) everything from the menu. 

It's a good thing I didn't eat breakfast that day! 

I first started off with the soup of the day - which was quite rich and creamy. I honestly forgot what it was but I remember it was very good and you get restaurant quality soup. I just had to pair it with some wine. 

I also had the Sauteed Wild Mushrooms on sourdough bread. It might seem very simple but I do love eating mushroom and this was delicious. I couldn't finish eating the bread because I had a lot more food coming up. 

The Lamb Kofta with Citrus Yogurt looks and feels like a dish straight out of a fine-dining restaurant and I have to say it's very delicious. I finished all of it and it was very well-cooked. It's my favorite dish at The House lounge! Highly recommended. 

The Pumpkin Tortelloni was also a great dish that had lots of flavor and was perfect when paired with the Lamb. The dish was well-seasoned and had all the qualities you would find in a restaurant-worth dish. It's also highly recommended. 

I also had a Cheese Plate to finish off my meal with another glass of red wine. As mentioned before I helped myself to a fair amount of french macarons from the dessert station.

After my meal I went to stay at these premium seats while waiting for my flight. I had such a wonderful time that I am considering booking all my flights from London with Etihad so that I can enjoy The House over and over again. It's a perfect place to kick back and relax with some peace and quiet before a long-haul flight. 

There were quite a number of people in the lounge with me as my flight approached, but it's not as hectic as some airport lounges where you can barely fight a good seat. There were a few seats occupied and by my estimate was probably around 15% full. I guess that's one benefit of the lounge being quite new. 

Is it worth £40 per person? Well, if you can afford it, absolutely! 

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