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Here's a Menu Guide for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines

Here's a Menu Guide for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines
After hundreds of hours spent in this coffee shop while drinking a delicious cup of coffee (and earning thousands of swirl rewards points in the process), I can proudly say that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has been my favorite coffee shop for the past 4 years. 

Although not as popular as Starbucks Coffee, I think this humble little coffee shop has better coffee, a homier feel, and a better music playlist than it's more popular counterpart. It also has an outstanding gourmet menu and a really delicious selection of tea from around the world. I like their drinks so much that at one point, I was able to get 5 Giving Journals (I gave the other 4 as a Christmas gift) because I was hooked to the delicious beverages and good food. 

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf St. Bistro in Bonifacio Global City also serves quality gourmet dishes not found in other CBTL stores, so it's certainly a store I recommend you try out as well.

So, here I am about to ramble about my favorite items from their menu so that you can make the most out of your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf experience.


1. Today's Fresh Brew

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - CBTL Today's Fresh Brew
Every day of the week we select from our range of specialty grade coffees – from light & subtle to dark & distinctive – there’s a satisfying roast to please each palate.

If you dine at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, you can't go wrong with Today's Fresh Brew. I love the flavor of their brewed coffee so much that I will say it is a lot better than what Starbucks has to offer. While Starbucks probably has the best selection of handcrafted coffee, CBTL offers a more delicious simple brew. My favorite flavors are the Viennese Blend or the House Blend. 

Tip: You can certainly drink it black or you can try my favorite blend by adding 3 sachets brown sugar with 1 sachet white sugar and some warm milk. YUM!

2. White Chocolate Dream Latte

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - CBTL White Chocolate Dream Latte
Decadent white chocolate with Espresso, steamed milk, foam and a drizzle of fudge

CBTL's White Chocolate Dream Latte is my favorite drink from their list of Espresso-based beverages. It's a really delicious blend of white chocolate and espresso that keeps you craving for more. Try to reward yourself with this drink once in a while, you won't regret it!

You can have it hot or iced, but I would recommend you order it hot.

3. The Ultimate Vanilla

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - CBTL The Ultimate Vanilla
For the ultimate coffee experience we recommend our Coffee Extract blended with chocolate covered Espresso beans and your choice of chocolate, vanilla or white chocolate

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is always advertising that they invented the original iced blended. I haven't done my research on that yet, but if you want a really delicious iced-blended invention then you can't go wrong with the Ultimate Vanilla. It's a delicious drink with flavors that blend perfectly well together. 

If you want to have a better-tasting cup, you can also either Go Extreme! (for a stronger coffee flavor) or add coffee jelly. It really takes the drink to a whole new level.


1. Matcha Tea Latte (Hot or Cold)

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - CBTL Matcha Tea Latte

CBTL's Matcha Tea Latte is really delicious! I can honestly say that this is the best-tasting matcha drink that I have tasted in my life. Most other matcha-based beverages are just too sweet, and I think CBTL really did a good job of highlighting the flavor of the matcha (which has a more leafy taste) rather than just crafting an overwhelmingly sweet drink with matcha powder. 

I used to like Starbucks Matcha Frappe, but now it's not even a close fight. Hands down, Coffee Bean's Matcha Tea Latte is really the better drink. You can drink it hot, iced or as a frappe but I think enjoying it hot takes the drink at a whole new level.

2. Genmaitcha Green Tea

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - CBTL Genmaitcha Green Tea

CBTL's Genmaitcha Green Tea is one of my favorite green tea flavors since it is a delicately sweet and fragrant blend. This really delicious and light Japanese green tea drink is infused with roasted rice that helps it produce a really unique and tasty flavor. You don't need to add sugar or honey anymore since it's already really damn good. 

Tip: You can steep the teabag two or even three times. Don't oversteep it or else it will release bitter notes. I would suggest letting it steep for only 2-3 minutes and always ask for a plate so that you can set the teabag aside for a second steep, just ask for hot water. 

3. English Breakfast Tea Latte

While not exactly one of my favorite drinks since I'm more of a green tea person, I think Coffee Bean has a really delicious English Breakfast Tea Latte and a lot of my friends tend to agree. If you prefer black tea served with delicious vanilla, then I would recommend you try this out.

Cakes, Pastries, and Good Eats

1. Coffee Bean's Classic Caesar's Salad

Coffee Bean's version of the Classic Caesar's Salad is my go-to salad-comfort-food anywhere in this country. It's my favorite caesar's salad and it's a delicious mix of greens, croutons, cheese, and eggs drizzled with their tasty Caesar's Salad Dressing! I eat this all the time and sometimes I reward myself with this after a hard day's work. It's really great either as a snack or a light-meal. 

It costs 195 pesos, and you can opt to add chicken if you want some extra protein for 75 pesos, but I usually don't since it is very good on its own.

2. Tuna Pandesal & Ham and Cheese Pandesal

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines - CBTL Tuna, Ham & Cheese Pandesal

If I don't want to spend or if I don't feel hungry, I would order Coffee Bean's delicious pandesal. I really recommend you their Tuna Pandesal, which is delicious spicy tuna seasoned beautifully. If you prefer sweet and salty rather than spicy, I recommend the Ham & Cheese Pandesal which is also pretty good. My favorite's the tuna though. 

3. Chef's Tuna Sandwich

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - CBTL Chef's Tuna Sandwich

Again, I think my love for tuna shows because I also recommend CBTL's Chef's Tuna Sandwich - a dish that I really love because it's so delicious. It's an amazing tasty dish that's seasoned to perfection with some greens and tomatoes. The serving size is also very generous, so you will feel quite full after eating this. 

4. Roast Beef Sandwich

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - CBTL Roast Beef Sandwich

If you prefer some meat rather than fish, then try out CBTL's Roast Beef Sandwich that's also quite tasty and is also served generously. I honestly recommend that you also get a taste of this delicious sandwich,

5. Spicy Tuna Linguine

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - CBTL Spicy Tuna Linguine

If you prefer pasta then grab a bite of their Spicy Tuna Linguine, which served with a generous amount of tomato sauce and cheese. The salty flavor of the sauce balances really well with the spicy tuna. It's really quite delicious. If you don't like spicy, then the Tomato & Herb Linguine would certainly do the trick. 

I hope you love these as much as I do. Of course, feel free to enjoy the other items on their menu but these are the items that I would order all the time. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines also hosts a variety of events such as their Caring Cup initiatives and Better Business Brunch. So make sure to keep in touch by visiting their facebook page often. 

Did I miss out on anything delicious? Let me know!

PS: I apologize if I lack photos for some of the menu items, I promise to have wonderful photos here next time! I just wanted to share this list ASAP so that you can enjoy the drinks and meals I love right away.

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  1. I'm not a coffee lover but I do enjoy sipping tea :)
    Spicy tuna linguine sounds interesting. I might try it the next time I drop by CBTL.

    1. You certainly should! It's very flavorful. :)

  2. This is a very helpful guide. I'm enticed to try the Ultimate Vanilla! :) I alos love green tea. What's the differentiating taste between Genmaitcha Green Tea and Matcha Tea Latte?

    1. Hi Rochkirstin,

      Matcha tea comes in powdered form, so you get full flavor of the leaves as opposed to steeping the leaves in water. :) that's why its usually more expensive as well, and i cant seem to find any stores selling affordable matcha powder. Healthy options sells it but its uite expensive!

    2. I've visited Healthy Options last two weeks ago and found the matcha tea as well in the tea section. I was surprised to learn that one package of around 36 tea bags costs 500-600+ pesos. There's another package (assortment of three) which costs more.