Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines: 2015 Giving Journal

I'm so excited! Here's a sneak peak of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2015 Giving Journal. Every November, CBTL Philippines begins the stamp-collecting season for the next year's planner, and every year it's always a better planner than the year before. This year, they started a bit early by officially launching the 2015 Giving Journal on October 25. 

I think Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines wanted to start a bit earlier this year so that more people can get their hands on next year's planner and maybe to benefit more scholars. This is because all the proceeds from the planners are donated to the Real LIFE Foundation. The previous 3 campaigns was able to support 21 Real LIFE Scholars, so let's try to get the word out to support more of them.

I always collect stars and stamps every year to get my hands on both the CBTL planner and Starbucks planner, and I'm really excited on the new one's coming up. The CBTL planner looks really awesome so far based on the video. 

The sad thing is, I have been to CBTL this past week and they have been running on really short supplies due to problems stemming from the Manla port congestion. They only have a limited supply of teas and they don't sell any of their handcrafted coffee beverages. I do hope they replenish their stocks soon before they roll out the planner. (UPDATE: Almost all of CBTL's drinks are now available. :D)

How about you? What's your favorite coffee shop planner? 

Update: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines just announced you can start collecting stamps on October 25! Here are the 2015 Gving Journal details and mechanics

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