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Ken Afford's Delicious Sisig Ala Domeng Deserves More of Your Attention

Anyone who passes by Ken Afford along the streets of Katipunan Avenue wouldn't think much of the place. It's a small restaurant, tucked away in a not-so-obvious corner near more popular establishments such as Bo's Coffee and Xocolat. The place itself does help to make the restaurant stand out. What keeps me coming back to Ken Afford is their delicious home-cooked food, particularly the Sisig Ala Domeng which is one of the best - if not the best sisig dishes - I have tried in Metro Manila. Yes, their sisig tastes better than that of Gerry's Grill, Sisig Hooray, Wooden Spoon, and Gilligans. 

Their bestsellers are the Kare-Kare, Lechon Kawali, and Sisig Ala Domeng. I don't eat the other dishes much, so this post will really just focus on their delicious sisig.

Ken Afford's Delicious Sisig Best Sisig Unilever

Ken Afford's Sisig ala Domeng was even voted as one of the best sisig in town by Unilever's SOOO PINOY - a movement by Unilever Food Solutions to promote great-tasting Filipino Food. 

Ken Afford Unlimited Soup

While waiting for your order, you can have a number of servings of their complementary soup (a very tasty broth) and a glass of water. Make sure you don't get too full before the main course arrives! 

Ken Afford's Delicious Sisig Ala Domeng

Ken Afford actually serves two types of sisig: Sisig ala Domeng and Sisig Ala Roque. The Sisig ala Domeng has an egg on top, and that's the only difference since they both cost 145 php. Each order includes a cup of rice and the complementary soup. If I could describe the taste of their sisig, it would be that it's flavorful, crunchy, and it's not too salty. I love the blend of flavors in my mouth with each bite, especially if it's partnered with both the soup and the Sinangag rice that comes with it. 

Now, each serving of sisig is actually good for two people (though I had an entire plate for my greedy self) so you also have the option of adding another cup of rice and sharing the plate. 

Here are pictures of their menu if you're interested in their other entrees: 

Ken Afford's Delicious Sisig Ala Domeng Menu 1

Ken Afford's Delicious Sisig Ala Domeng Menu 2

Ken Afford is certainly a place I would recommend if you are looking to eat great-tasting, 'home cooked' quality food. The restaurant is quite affordable, given their hearty servings and flavorful dishes. 

I hope you try their sisig and let me know what you think! Oh yeah, they also deliver (see photo above) but I recommend you eat it there while it's still hot. 

Do you have a personal favorite restaurant for eating sisig? Let me know through the comments below! 

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