Friday, October 31, 2014

From Around the Web: Our Favorite Articles for October

Every month, I plan to share with all of you the top 5 articles that I found interesting over the past month. This will also be a personal archive of articles I'll eventually read again in the future, so it helps me keep track of everything. If you missed the one for September, here it is. Now let's cut to the chase then, here are my top articles for the month of October, most of which really focuses on kitchen techniques to achieve mastery.   

Top 5 Articles of the Month:
  1. 6 Disgusting Food Scandals that Went Live Over the Internet - First up in the list of top food articles this month is a recap of some of the worst food scandals in the Philippines in recent memory. We might find the occasional hair in our food, but these guys found stuff a lot more worse than hair. I can't imagine how they might have felt when they discovered what was in their food. This article seems oddly appropriate given recent McDonald's coffee scandals currently circulating the internet regarding semen and dead mice served with their coffee. I hope this doesn't ruin your dinner.
  2. Kitchen Techniques Explained - Ever wondered why we are told to do certain things in the kitchen? Why do you always burn garlic? Why do you need to start cooking potatoes in cold water? Well, this post hopes to explain the science behind some very common kitchen techniques.
  3. Kitchen Cheat Sheets - I love reading very simple and beautiful infographics, since they are straight to the point and very east to digest. So, here are some very useful infographics about food that you may want to print and tape in the kitchen. Just choose what you think you'd need the most, since I'm giving you 22 useful infographics to help you become a master chef. 
  4. - Earlier this month I wrote a review about and why it should be in every cook's arsenal of websites to visit. Well, I'm going to share it here again for good measure. You absolutely should use it, especially when it's one of those lazy Saturdays where you don't want to go get ingredients! 
  5. TheKitchn's Cooking School - As someone very new at cooking, sometimes we tend to get our feet wet by trying to cook a difficult recipe without understanding the basics first. In this series, you'll get to understand basic kitchen techniques that will help get you started in being a master in the kitchen. 
I hope you find these articles as useful as I do! Any interesting articles that you might want to share with the rest of us?

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