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New Great Taste White Flavors Are Out, But Are They Any Good?

New Great Taste White Flavors Are Out, But Are They Any Good?

I was in SM Hypermarket yesterday and I can't help but notice two new Great Taste White Flavors that I have not seen before. I did a bit of research, and it seems that Great Taste has been hyping up for a 'great surprise' in their Facebook page for quite some time now. They have not released any official statement regarding the new flavors as of the moment, but my guess is that SM might have released the new flavors earlier than what was planned (they always do).

Photo from the Great Taste White Facebook Page
As shown above Great Taste Coffee wanted to hype up two new flavors, which are Great Taste White Smooth & Caramelly and Great Taste White Smooth & Chocolatey. You might be wondering how they stack up compared to the original 3-in-1 mix, so let's find out shall we. Do they taste as yummy as the Original Great Taste White?

Great Taste White Smooth & Caramelly

Enjoy the same smooth & creamy goodness of Great Taste White, now sweetened with luscious caramel.
The aroma and look of Great Taste White Smooth & Caramelly is similar to the original Great Taste White coffee, but with subtle caramel notes in the aroma. The taste, I would say, is a balance between Great Taste White and Great Taste Brown because it's a rich, creamy cup of coffee with mild caramel notes in every sip. It's still more white coffee than brown coffee though. 

I like the fact that it doesn't taste too sweet, and the creaminess of it really stands out. Ultimately, I think it's a pretty great drink that I'm sure a lot of people would love. I would keep on drinking this!

Rating: 4.5/5

Great Taste White Smooth & Chocolatey

Enjoy the same smooth and creamy goodess of Great Taste White, with rich chocolate flavor.
The aroma and look of Great Taste White Smooth and Chocolatey is very different from that of the original, mainly because of it's strong, rich chocolate aroma. The taste is also nothing like the original. In fact, I can't even taste the coffee in the drink because the chocolate flavor is really strong. It has a really smooth chocolate taste that's the just the proper balance between sweet and bitter. It's really like I'm drinking a cup of hot chocolate, not coffee. Even so, this is one of the best-tasting chocolate flavored coffee that I have tasted which is a bit surprising from a 6.5 peso cup (chocolate drinks are priced at around 10 pesos). 

I like it, but I want my coffee to taste like coffee and not like chocolate so I probably won't be buying this again. Despite that, I have to admit it's a great-tasting cup of chocolate! 

Rating: 4/5  

Great Taste continues to innovate and this time they gave us really great coffee flavors that I'm sure a lot of people would love. They build on the success of their best-selling product by creating two new delicious 3-in-1 coffee drinks. 

How about you, what do you think of the new Great Taste White flavors?

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