Sunday, November 16, 2014

There's a Hole in the Wall at Century City Mall

I recently dropped by Century City Mall and it seems that restaurants in their 'food court' - Hole in the Wall - are currently on their soft opening. When I dropped by, restaurants such as Spruce, Scout's Honor, Green Cheese, and Tiny Duchess were already serving food and beverages. I expect other food stalls to follow suit soon and from the looks of it expect them to serve pretty damn good food!

Hole in the Wall is an interesting, high-end food court which was made to blend very well with the overall concept of Century City Mall - Luxury Living. It has a well-lighted ambiance with beautiful tables and couches, coupled with a wonderful view overlooking Makati City. In fact, it feels like you're in cafe rather than a food court.

Of the four restaurants already open, Scout's Honor probably intrigued me the most. The recent food trends have been craft coffee, craft beer, and now this restaurant is trying to jump-start the craft cookie revolution. A quick look at their menu shows that every order of 'make your own cookie' costs around 100 pesos, which is pretty expensive. They also sell fresh milk which, I think, goes pretty well with their wide selection of delicious cookies.

Here's the Scout's Honor Stall
Here are the delicious-looking cookies from Scout's Honor
The next stall that caught my eye was Spruce, which sells premium organic Cold-Pressed juice. Their juices are usually a mix of fruits and vegetables, depending on the vitamins that you want to incorporate in your diet. This delicious smoothie and juice bar caters to health-conscious consumers around the area, and from what I know this is their very first stall. 

I'm also happy to say that Green Cheese has brought their wonderful smiling Japanese cheesecakes to Makati city, with a stall located at Hole in the Wall. I can't wait to try their Original Cheesecake and Green Tea Cheesecake, I heard that these two taste really amazing! 

Finally, there's the Tiny Duchess bakery that makes wonderful French Eclairs. I'm not a huge fan of Eclairs, but I want to try these out as well the next time I drop by. They aren't as popular as the other three, but from the looks of it they probably taste great too. 

If you noticed, it seems that this post has been all about desserts. I'm looking forward to savory meals that's going to open soon. You should drop by in a week or two and I'm sure that there will be more stalls open. 

What do you think about Hole in the Wall's array of restaurants? 

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