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MyFitnessPal: The Perfect App for a Healthier Lifestyle

MyFitnessPal Review - A great tool to help you to a healthier lifestyle

I have been using myfitnesspal for quite some time now and so far I must say that I love it! It's a really great way to keep track of your daily nutritional requirements, it has the ability to calculate the nutritional information of your recipes, and it integrates well with other health and fitness apps (such as RunKeeper, Pacer, and Apple's Healthkit). The great part about it is that it is FREE. The app has been made available on iOS, Android, and even online through www.myfitnesspal.com so you don't need to own a smartphone to make the most out of it. 

Let's get down to the top 3 reasons on why every home cook should have this great app as part of their arsenal. 

1. Your Personal Recipe's Nutritional Information

MyFitnessPal Review A great Nutrition tracker

Myfitnesspal is a great app to keep track of the nutritional value of every recipe in your cookbook. It can serve as a source of encouragement that you are cooking very healthy meals to the people dear to you, or it can act as a warning sign that you might need to cut down on some of the sugar and fat (or at least eat just healthy portions) when cooking or serving your meals. 

This is a really great feature if you love to cook a lot, since the food you cook wouldn't have the Nutrition Table found at the back of store-bought food. It's a start so that you and your family can create a well-balanced diet especially when you are able to see what nutrients you lack everyday. 

2. Keep Track of Your Daily Nutrition Details

It is also a really great app to help you keep track of your daily nutrition needs so that you won't suffer from any nutritional deficiencies, which is still very common in the world today. We are always told to eat more fruits of vegetables but if you really think about it, how much is enough or too much? It's also very important to understand that no fruit or vegetable also offers the same types of nutrients or minerals, so you might be loading up on vitamin A rich fruits when you actually need to be eating more bananas for potassium.

Ultimately, this app will help keep you on track of the important vitamins and minerals that you need (though it's limited to just a few). The only downside here is that you actually need to get into the habit of logging in everything you eat, which is also a great way to help control what you eat (especially if you're too lazy to log in that bag of Cheetos so you just put down the bag). Myfitnesspal will also give you insights on the nutrients you don't get enough of and that might compel you to start drinking multivitamins daily to help supplement your diet. 

3. Integrated Beautifully with Other Health Apps

Another reason why it's a really awesome app is that Myfitnesspal integrates very well with other free and paid applications on your smartphone. The main reason it needs to communicate with other apps is that a person who is merely sitting at his desk everyday would not need the same level of nutrition as that of an active runner who trains daily. So, myfitnesspal will take into account the amount of calories you burn during your exercise and the additional nutrients and minerals you would need for that day. Pretty cool right? 

I currently use Pacer (a pedometer) and RunKeeper (my favorite running app) to help keep track of the level of activity that I exert daily and they blend very well with myfitnesspal to calculate the calories and nutrients I would need daily. I think it's really great to see the level of physical activity I have for the day consolidated in one app. 

I honestly would recommend myfitnesspal to any home cook or health buff out there. It's a great app to help you start living a healthier lifestyle, and it offers you great insights on how to improve your eating habits. 

If you have tried using myfitnesspal. please share your experience on the comments below. If you have any other cooking/fitness app that you would recommend, let me know as well.

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