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Chowking's Happy Pao: Piggy and Panda Pao Review

Chowking Happy Pao review

As the commercial goes, "It's time to try Chowking Happy Pao - Panda and Piggy!" So after craving for these cute 'little siopaos' for 2 weeks, I finally got a chance to eat them up! I dropped by Chowking while traveling home from work earlier today to get a taste of Piggy for dinner and Panda for dessert. Ok, that sounded a bit weird.

The Piggy and Panda Pao makes for a good and affordable snack. A Happy Pao with drink would cost you 49 PHP and a Happy Pao a la carte would cost you 39 PHP. Not bad!

Chowking's Happy Pao: Piggy and Panda Pao Review

Panda and Piggy Pao were served in these cute translucent containers when you dine in at any Chowking store. I find that the presentation really complements the dish since it builds up the excitement of eating these critters up.

Chowking's Happy Pao: Piggy and Panda Pao Containers

When you finally open these containers, Piggy and Panda will be staring at you with their cute little eyes, begging you not to gobble them up! I was honestly surprised about how the Panda Pao still looks picture-perfect, while it seems that Piggy Pao was better-looking in Chowking's commercials.

Piggy Pao

Chowking Happy Pao - Piggy Pao

So I started dinner with cute little Piggy Pao, which is really just asado siopao with eyes and a nose. As the wolf from 'Three Little Pigs' would say, "Little pig, let me eat you up. I'll huff and puff, and I'll gobble you in!" Ok, so maybe that wasn't really how the story went, but I think you get the point.

I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty Piggy was, and I look forward to eating one up again in the future. Granted, it was really just a really cute regular asado siopao. A Regular Asado Siopao a la carte costs 33 PHP, so you're really paying an additional 6 pesos just to gobble up an adorable little piggy, you carnivore you! 

4/5 Stars

Panda Pao

Chowking Happy Pao - Panda Pao

I finished off my meal with chocolate filled Panda Pao dessert! To be honest, of the two I was a bit hesitant with the Panda Pao since I can't really image eating siopao filled with chocolate rather than the usual asado or bola-bola. I was surprised that it didn't taste bad at all as I initially thought, although it might take some time to get used to. I must admit Panda is quite an intriguing concept as a snack or dessert, although I won't be getting another one in the near future. 

3/5 Stars

Of the two, Piggy was the safe and proven dish given it's asado filling while Panda was the cute, 'new', creative offering filled with chocolate goodness. I find that Piggy Pao would be a meal you'd keep going back to eat, while Panda Pao is a dish that people would be curious to try, but ultimately a dish maybe only chocolate-enthusiasts would love. All in all, that's pretty clever marketing by Chowking!

Have you tried the Chowking's Happy Pao? Tell me what you think on the comments below!

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