Tuesday, September 30, 2014

From Around the Web: Our Favorite Articles for September

I would like to share some of the most useful links I've come across over the past month. I'll come back to review some of these posts eventually, so this also serves as a personal archive of sorts for future use. I hope you find these links as useful as I do!

Top 5 Articles of the Month:
  1. JP Anglo of Sarsa on Taste - I can say that Sarsa is the best Ilonggo restaurant that I've tried in Metro Manila. In this video from The Fat Kid Inside, JP Anglo narrates his experience falling in love with cooking, explains how taste is really about a 'balance of flavors', the importance of using local ingredients, and how we create dishes from mistakes made in the kitchen. 
  2. 10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break - Here's a list of bad cooking habits from The Huffington Post that we home chefs need to be aware of. They say habits are quite difficult to break, so it's very important to start adopting the right habits in the kitchen from the time you start cooking. The food will taste better and health hazards will be avoided. 
  3. 10 Best Steaks for Grilling - We all love to treat ourselves to a good steak once in a while, and steaks served in restaurants come with astronomically high prices. The second best alternative is to grill your own steaks at home. Even though there is a wide variety of steaks in the grocery, not all steaks are created equal. Some steaks (T-Bone) will be softer than others (Round or Sirloin, which are closed to major muscle groups so they are a bit harder to chew). Here's a list from Barbecue Bible of the best steaks to grill at home! 
  4. Things to Consider When Opening a Restaurant - If you ever plan on opening up your own restaurant in the future, Pepper.ph has compiled a list of things you just might want to consider. Especially when you consider that a study in the US concluded that 80% of restaurants fail within the first year
  5. Blackbird Makati - Finally, here's a review of one of the hottest new restaurants in Makati, the aviation-themed restaurant Blackbird at the Nielson Tower, by Our Awesome Planet. It's certainly a restaurant that serves food with sky high prices to compliment the theme. 
I hope you enjoy these links! If you have any favorite articles you'd like to share, please feel free to post them on the comments below.  

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