Friday, September 19, 2014

Wish List: Nestea Thai Milk Tea

Wish List: Nestea Thai Milk Tea

The last time I was in Thailand, I hoarded packs of Nestea's Thai Milk Tea. A friend told me it was good. I tried it and I totally agree with her. It was a bit sweet, but Thai Milk Tea is naturally like that. Nestle, if you are reading this please bring this drink to the Philippines! 

We bought a 13-piece pack at around 90 Thai Baht at the time, which means that each piece would cost around 9.5 pesos when converted using the current exchange rate. Not bad! 

The drink is also quite easy to prepare. Here are the preparation instructions:

For a hot drink: Simply add around 200ml of hot water to the power to get the taste right. You may also add more if you want to dilute the drink a bit, but I suggest sticking with a Nescafe mug (exactly 200ml) so that you don't mess up the flavor by adding too much water.  
For a cold drink: 
  1. Mix Nestea Milk Tea with a little hot water just to dissolve the powder (around 1/4 of the mug)
  2. Add cold water and mix together until you get to 3/4 of the mug (150ml)
  3. Add ice cubes
Enjoy! The drink reminds me of ChekHup Malaysian Teh Tarik, but after tasting this the Teh Tarik they sell at S&R now it does seem a bit bland when compared to Thai tea. 

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