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Enjoy the Best Espresso Blends with Toby's Estate

Enjoy the Best Espresso Blends in Town with Toby's Estate

Toby's Estate is an Australian specialty coffee shop popular for its delicious hand brews and espresso blends - made from high-quality coffee beans sourced from respected coffee farms across the globe. Some of these beans even came from Toby Smith's own farm in Panama. The beans are important because amazing coffee starts with the quality beans. Toby's Estate also has a variety of tasty dishes in their menu when you're craving for a nice meal.

Here's what you can expect from Toby's Estate.

Enjoy the Best Espresso Blends in Town with Toby's Estate - Flat White
Flat White
The first thing you should get is an espresso blend. I recommend the Gibraltar (Php130), an off menu drink made with two ristretto shots and milk. Don't be tempted to add sugar right away, take a sip and enjoy the delicious blend of crema and milk. If it's too strong, now you can add sugar. I also recommend the Flat White (Php150) and Cappucino (Php130). 

I have tried a number of espresso blends (Espresso + Milk) from different specialty coffee shops in Metro Manila, and so far I have to say the best espresso blends are from Toby's Estate. Anything you order from their espresso bar is served with the perfect balance of coffee and milk. Oh, and they also have the most amazing latte art too. 

Enjoy the Best Espresso Blends in Town with Toby's Estate - Chai Chocolate
Chai Chocolate
If you're not into coffee, you can have a Chai Chocolate (Php160) or Hot Chocolate (Php140). You can have it hot or iced, but I recommend you order it hot so that it's served with latte art.

Smoked Salmon and Greens
They also serve salads, pastas, and mains if you're craving for food. Although their food is delicious and pairs well with their espresso blends, I do think their food is bit expensive. Don't expect it to come in large servings. I tried the Smoked Salmon and Greens (Php325) and it was really good. 

Goji Melon Iced Tea
Pair your meal with a Goji Melon Iced Tea (Php140) for a really refreshing beverage. 

You can also find the most friendly baristas in Toby's estate. They seem very happy to answer any of your questions and they make great recommendations when you're new to the cafe. 

As for the ambiance, the cafe is beautiful. It is elegantly designed and perfect for long conversations or a romantic date. 

Food Quality: 4.5

Service Quality: 5.0
Ambiance: 5.0

Overall Quality: 5.0

Head on over to Toby's Estate now and order a Gibraltar, I promise you won't regret it. 

Been to Toby's Estate recently? Please share your Toby's Estate experience in the comments below so that other people can read about your experience. 

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  1. This looks enticing and artistic. I can imagine the aroma of the coffee.

    1. It's a very sweet, chocolatey aroma Lux! It's also quite good. You should visit, the experience is worth it! :D

  2. I've been hearing a lot about Toby's Estate but whenever I'm in the Makati area, it's always at Glorietta/Greenbelt so I am missing out on these cool finds! Thanks for your review though. Now I really must make it a point to go try Toby's Estate.

    1. Hey, you should drop by whenever you're in Makati. It's a bit out of the way from Greenbelt or Glorietta though. If you're a coffee enthusiast, I know you'll love Toby's Estate! :D

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