Sunday, July 5, 2015

With Zomato, You'll Never Have a Bad Meal Again

Zomato: Never Have a Bad Meal Again

Zomato has taken over the food industry since it first began its operations in 2008. It is currently in 22 countries and has over 62.5 million users, making it one of the most popular food websites worldwide. You can't say you're a foodie and not use Zomato. The website itself has a number of handy features that allows you to discover restaurants and have a holistic experience by giving you the option to order online, pay cashless, and make reservations.

If you're not yet convinced, here are a number of other Zomato features I love.

Zomato's Path to World Domination

With Zomato You'll Never Have A Bad Meal Again - World Domination
Zomato operates in 22 countries

If you love to travel, you can easily use Zomato to discover great restaurants in at least 10,000 cities in 22 countries. Zomato's recent acquisition of Urbanspoon in early 2015 marked their entry into the United States, Canada,and Australia. From the looks of it, Zomato will continue its quest for world domination to make sure that people will continue to discover restaurants with great food anywhere. 

Zomato Makes Sure That Restaurants Serve Great Food

In today's interconnected world, one bad review can hurt a restaurant's reputation. A number of bad reviews can put it out of business for good. That's one thing I like about using Zomato, you can separate good restaurants from horrible ones by just by looking at a restaurant's rating and reviews. A good number of these foodies can't be wrong, can they? This raises the bar for food quality, since every restaurant is expected to serve consistently good food in every plate.

Zomato also verifies foodies with great, unbiased reviews by meeting with them in person. This is a shoutout that you can blindly trust the reviews of verified foodies. Yes, Chef Jay's Kitchen was also verified by Zomato.

Discover Restaurants With Zomato Collections

Zomato Collections is one of my favorite features. It helps you easily discover new restaurants by helping you compare restaurants that offer a similar dining experience. If you regularly can't decide what to eat (like most of us), you can simply browse Trending This Week and find a popular restaurant nearby. You can also go to Nearby and look for the nearest quality restaurant. 

The Awesome Map Thingy

If you want to look for a quality restaurant and it's not exactly nearby, you can use Zomato's powerful map tool (using either Google Maps or Apple Maps) to get a list of restaurants (black number on top) and the highest rating of the group (number at the bottom) like in the image shown above. Now, that's pretty handy and it's a tool that only power users know and regularly use. 

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  1. Love this application Chef Jay. I've seen one in the Blackberry World so I downloaded it. Thanks for recommending.

    This is really a useful tool when traveling. I think it has everything that I need when I want to dine out - reviews, menus right on your finger tips, cost per person, contact numbers, and opening hours. It also features dining places based on your location.

    Your blog is an ever reliable source.

    1. Wow, they still support Blackberry? Yeah, I probably use Zomato everyday. It's probably one of the most important apps I can use as a foodie. You'll surely enjoy using it!

      Thank you for all your support Jayson. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading yours!

  2. This is a great apps for foodies. I should try this one too. :)

  3. I praise restaurants having such mobile application.

    This makes their customer keep coming back and connected at most of the time.

    I recommend this to food blogger(s) :)

  4. I love using the zomato app! Though I use it more to post my reviews than look for restaurants.

  5. I love Zomato! It makes it easier to decide on what to try out at new food places. :)

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  6. Oh yes! I really love the Zomato app. The awesome map thingy is my favorite feature (HAHA!), it's really helpful when I'm in some place unfamiliar. Thanks for sharing. Will follow you on Zomato too. :)

  7. I like using zomato when checking menus

  8. Zomato is for everyone! This app is a must have. This post is very detailed thank you for sharing

  9. This is an interesting app, should give it a try. I will recommend it to my friend, for him to use as tool in his food blog.

  10. Its a good and useful apps. :)