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Coffee Maker Inventions That Reveal a New Level of Coffee Culture Crazy

We all have a friend who we think is a bit 'kookoo' when it comes to coffee. You know, that guy who has a coffee bar at home - with complete pour-over set and a home espresso machine. Compared to the owners of these amazing toys, however, your friend's level of coffee crazy is still pretty mild. The world's quest for the perfect cup of coffee is starting to surface some pretty crazy inventions.

Here are some of the most outrageous (and expensive) coffee makers around:

The Alpha Dominche Steampunk Brewing System

This $15,000 machine is a steam-powered marvel that can brew coffee in any style while allowing you to control parameters such as temperature, time, volume, filtration and agitation. The Alpha Dominche Steampunk is built with commercial coffee chains in mind, as it can brew 60 to 80 cups an hour. That's more coffee than what your typical barista can produce in the same span. It can also save recipes, so that you can get consistently good coffee each time.

Here's a video of the Alpha Dominche Steampunk in action:

The Blossom Coffee Brewer

The Blossom Coffee Brewer is said to be where the Aeropress meets the Clover Brewing System. This $11,000 beauty brews filter-style coffee while maintaining a single temperature for any length of time. Again, it's all about controlling the brewing process so that you can bring out unique flavors in any coffee beans. The machine also allows you to save recipes so that you can go back to your favorite recipes.

Here's the Blossom Coffee Brewer in action:

The Dutch Lab Gothicism Steampunk

The Gothicism Steampunk is a $7,300 work of art carefully crafted by the design geeks from The Dutch Lab. This beauty is essentially a cold brew tower made of intricate tubes and valves that can produce three 1 liter pots of cold brew coffee each time. I'm not sure how good the coffee or how efficient the brewing process is (can you imagine cleaning this?), but if you put this tower at the center of your coffee shop you will surely attract waves of curious new customers. It probably won't be able to keep up with the demand.

Psy gave us a hint that Koreans were crazy about coffee when he wrote Gangnam Style, but you probably didn't expect this level of crazy.

The Siphon Bar

The Japanese Siphon Bar looks like a chemistry experiment more than a coffee brewer, but at $20,000 it certainly does brew an amazing cup of coffee. This beauty initially made waves when it was first introduced at Blue Bottle Cafe a couple of years ago and it has not lost its appeal over the years. The siphon bar uses a halogen burner along with glass pots to extract better flavor from coffee grounds compared with the usual pour-over.

Here's the Siphon Bar in action at Blue Bottle Cafe:

The Roasting Plant JavaBot

The Roasting Plant Javabot is probably the world's most expensive coffee maker at $1 million. It also brews the most amazing coffee because it's the only coffee maker that transforms green coffee beans into a delicious cup of coffee right before your eyes. The machine is so big that it encompasses the entire store.

If you have trouble believing that the Javabot can actually do that, look at this video to see for yourself. 

If you want to start making quality coffee at home, you can do without all these fancy equipment and use the basic coffee gear . With enough practice, you can make coffee as good without breaking the bank.

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