Monday, August 31, 2015

38 Ways You Can Make a Delicious Cup of Coffee

If you're as confused as I am about the different ways baristas can prepare your coffee, here's a handy infographic that details what's in the perfect cup you're looking for. So if you asked for a Flat White expecting latte art, you might be surprised when the barista serves you a white drink with no foamy goodness (it shouldn't have any). So maybe ask for a Cappucino or Latte instead?

Why don't you impress your friends by ordering a Breve for a smooth flavorful cup or a Red Eye if you really need that caffeine fix. Here are some of my thoughts on the above chart. 

For the popular drinks, here's a guide based on the level of coffee taste you would want in your cup.
  • A Cortado is a really strong drink with equal portions espresso and milk. Grab this if you're looking for a milky shot with a strong, potent coffee taste. 
  • Also known as a Gibraltar (which is what the glass is called), I find that the Piccolo Latte is the perfect balance of coffee and milk. I love this drink because you are still able to appreciate the nuanced flavor notes in a good espresso and the sweetness of steamed milk helps enhance these notes. It's my favorite drink! 
  • A Cappucino has a lot more milk than the Piccolo Latte and has a nice creamy smoothness to it. This drink is perfect for the casual coffee drinker because it's not as strong and it usually has great latte art on top because it's topped with thick microfoam.
  •  A Latte is also great for coffee lovers who aren't looking for a very strong cup of coffee. Milk is usually 3 to 5 times the volume of the espresso shot so expect it to have a mellowed down coffee taste. 
The infographic may be a bit small, you can view a larger image here

Rather than just getting these drinks from a barista on your next coffee shop visit, why don't you try making them at home? 

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  1. Aw! this post is very cute of you! may gawd! i love coffee, sad that lately i have become acidic in taking 3n1 coffee so, thank goodness still that coffee shops still do me good these days. :)

    1. So, your stomach can't take 3-in-1 coffee but can drink coffee shop espresso drinks? I recommend you cold brew your coffee, they say it's around 70% less acidic. :)