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Get a Second Dish for Only 18 Pesos as CIBO Celebrates 18 Years

Get a Second Dish for Only 18 Pesos as CIBO Celebrates Its 18th Year

To celebrate its 18th year, CIBO Philippines is having a promo from Monday-Thursday this month where you can add another dish to their best-selling dishes for only Php 18. We're getting a bit spoiled this August, first with Shakey's 40% off on Chicken 'N' Mojos Promo, and now this wonderful treat. 

CIBO has long been known for fresh, authentic Italian dishes.They also serve their dishes in pretty large servings, so be prepared to come with an empty stomach!

Here's a complete list of their bestsellers and the corresponding food pair. The picture of each food pair seems to be a bit small, so I'll enumerate them from top to bottom and left to right so it'll be easier for you to read.

1st Column

  1. Spanici. Zola. (Php 255) and Panino Sardine (Php 18)
  2. Insalta Pacifica (Php 260) and Penne All' Amado (Php 18)
  3. Panino Praga (Php 275) and Minestrone Alla Genovese (Php 18)
  4. FarFalle Alla Genovese (Php 295) and Bruschette Pomodoro (Php 18)
  5. Ossobuco Gremolata (Php 460) and Tegamino Groviera (Php 18)

2nd Column

  1. Crema Di Zucca. Pancetta. (Php 215) and Panino Verdure (Php 18)
  2. Ministra Di Funghi. Farro. (Php 220) and Filetto di pesce. Pomodoro Funghi Trifolati (Php 18)
  3. Panino Maiale arrosto (Php 250) and Penne All'Ortolana (Php 18)
  4. Pizza Prosciutto di Parma (Php 390) and Penne Fiori In Bianco (Php 18)

3rd Column

  1. Penne Al Telefono (Php 355) and Bruschette Pomodoro classico (Php 18)
  2. Taglata di Manzo. Aglio. Rosmarino. (Php 470) and Insalata Nizzarda (Php 18)
  3. Lombatine Di Maiale (Php 390) and Bruschette Funghi trifolati (Php 18)
  4. Pizza Fungi trifolati (Php 370) and Linguine Al Nero di seppia (Php 18)

4th Column

  1. Panino Manzo tagliata (Php 355) and Spaghettini Alla Margherita (Php 18)
  2. Rigatoni All'Alfonso (Php 365) and Dip al Forno. Funghi. Praga (Php 18)
  3. Pollo Arrosto. Limone. (Php 450) and Pappa Al Pomodoro (Php 18)
  4. Trancio Di Salmone (Php 615) and Insalata Del Sole (Php 18)
  5. Pizza Porchetta (Php 470) and Farfalle Fiori in Rosso (Php 18)

You can always look at their menu on Zomato to read the english translations. I would certainly recommend the Rigatoni all’Alfonso, Farfalle Alla Genovese, Rotolo di Manzo, and Penne Al Telefono. You do have 18 pairs to choose from, so why not try them all? 

Here are a list of CIBO stores to help you find one nearby:
  • Glorietta 4
  • Shangrila Plaza 
  • Alabang Town Center 
  • GF Power Plant Mall 
  • Promenade Greenhills
  • Gateway Mall
  • Greenbelt 5 
  • R3 Power Plant Mall 
  • Eastwood Mall 
  • Robinsons Magnolia

Enjoy your Cibo treat. Please share the list of complete food pairs with your friends. Let me know what you ordered in the comments and recommend your favorite dish to other readers. Happy eating!

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All images were obtained from the CIBO website.


  1. OMG! Thanks for sharing. I know now where to go this weekend. :)

    1. It's only good from Mondays to Thursdays Lux! :) You would have to pay regular price if you want to go this weekend. haha!