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Restock Curiosities: The Perfect Marriage of Coffee and Art

Restock Curiosities is another Makati hidden gem that's tucked away in Guijjo Street, San Antonio Village. This cozy little cafe (yes, it's a tiny space) is known for quality specialty coffee that's paired with beautiful pieces of art around the cafe's interiors. It's been a haven for Metro Manila's art and coffee enthusiasts, but hasn't been as popular or accessible as Makati darlings Toby's Estate and Yardstick.

As a specialty cafe, Restock only uses the freshest coffee beans roasted by Magnum Opus Fine Coffees. It is, after all, from the same owner and several partners.

Drop by Restock and you will find the perfect marriage between coffee and art. I had a wonderful time while I was here, so here's what you can expect.

You can see different pieces of art hanging all over the walls, a beautiful sight to enjoy while sitting back and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

The ditsy cafe also has a number of cool trinkets lying around. From what I gather, all of these are for sale! If you see something you'd like to take home then make sure you inquire.

This is the most beautiful brew bar and counter I have ever seen! It's a start contrast from the simplicity that cafes such as Toby's Estate, Yardstick, and Habitual Coffee wants to highlight. Well, this is expected from an art cafe. 

Now imagine sitting here while enjoying a cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate. The writing on the wall is actually a story, I tried to read it but eventually it did become a bit difficult to finish.

I ordered a Short White (Php 140) as a cappuccino and it hit all the right notes. The cappuccino had notes of nuts and chocolates and the milked was textured beautifully, but there's nothing here that would make me prefer Restock's cappucino over one from Toby's Estate, The Curator, and Yardstick.

I wanted to order filter coffee but unfortunately they didn't have any fresh coffee beans available. I guess it gives me a more pressing reason to come back and and enjoy a cup of freshly-roasted coffee beans.

The Hot Chocolate (Php 150) is made of 65% Malagos Dark Chocolate, the award-winning, single-origin, Philippine-made chocolate from Davao City. I thought it was alright, but had a slight acidity that I didn't find too appetizing. Personally, I probably won't order this again but it does have a beautiful balance of milk and chocolate.

Ahhh, the cookie! This Chocolate Chip Cookie (Php 95) became quite popular because of's feature article on this very cookie. They write...

"By the counter sits a glass dish, and enclosed inside are a stack of some of the best chocolate chip cookies ever, radiating the same preciousness as the rose in Beauty and the Beast... 
The cookie is slightly crumbly, slightly chewy, soft, and spangled with generous amounts of chocolate (which can vary depending on the cookie you choose). Each bite sends a saccharine rush throughout your body and at the same time, soothes the soul." 
- Mikka Wee,
Well, I have to agree that the cookie is pretty darn good. What makes it good is the combination of the chewy, chucky chocolate chips topped with a dash of sea salt. The interaction between the sweetness of the cookie, slight bitterness of the chocolate chips, and the salt makes for one addicting cookie! 

Yes, it's a pretty good cookie but I didn't quite get that saccharine rush throughout my body. I'm very happy you did Mikka! 

The baristas were really quite nice. They gave recommendations on what to order and were quite energetic and lively, adding to the wonderful experience.

Food Quality: 3.5
Service Quality: 4.0
Ambiance: 5.0

Overall Quality: 4.0

I really love how Restock combines the visual experience of art with the sensual nature of specialty coffee. It's a beautiful combination and one that I will come back for time and time again. I'm sure you'll love it too, you just have to find the cafe tucked away in one of the distant streets of San Antonio Village.

Restock Curiosities
 7635 Guijo Street, San Antonio, Makati City

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