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St. Marc Cafe: Home of the Choco Cro

St. Marc Cafe is a Japanese dessert cafe that's known for their chocolate croissant, popularly known as the Choco Cro. They opened their first store in Metro Manila on August 15, 2014. Staying true to its origin, the restaurant excels on delivering fresh pastries and a wide selection of Japanese desserts. They also have pretty decent beverage options available.

The Japanese dessert cafe has a wide following in Japan and after over a year in the Philippines they've created quite a following of their own. I know a number of fried who can't stop raving about the Choco Cro! 

Here's what we think you should order from St. Marc Cafe.

The interiors are elegant and cozy - with dim lighting that adds to the very inviting feel of the cafe. The seats were soft and comfortable to sit in. It's a great place for casual conversation. a nice cup of coffee, and some tasty sweets. 

The Choco Cro (Php 55), is a delicious pastry that lives up to the hype. The buttery and crispy pastry pairs perfectly with the oozing chocolate filling inside. I didn't think it was too sweet and it's just perfect when paired with a cup of strong coffee or a hot Matcha latte. 

The Matcha Daifku Chococro (Php 65) was a bit sweeter, but it also has a really nice matcha flavor that matcha lovers would enjoy. 

Overall, the St. Marc choco cro is a nice, light snack that dessert lovers would enjoy. It's pleasantly addicting! 

The Vietnam Latte (Php 130) has really nice chocolate notes with a sweet kick from the condensed milk at the bottom. As a tip, kindly stir the latte well if you want a balanced cup because the condensed milk needs to be mixed thoroughly. It's not specialty coffee but it does pair well with the choco cro. 

The Matcha Latte (Php 150) is a nice, sweet matcha drink and it's a bestseller. I don't think it's as good as the CBTL Matcha Latte, but it's a pretty solid drink regardless. I'm sure a lot of matcha lovers enjoy this drink so much. 

Food Quality: 3.5
Service Quality: 4.0
Ambiance: 4.0

Overall Quality: 4.0

I have yet to try St. Marc Cafe's other menu items, but if I were to base the review just on the Choco cro and the drinks then I find that I keep on coming back for more. I can't wait to have a taste of their ice cream based 

Japanese pastries, and that includes St. Marc's, have been a hit in Metro Manila's local food scene and the Choco Cro has joined the list of the most crave-worthy desserts. 

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