Sunday, October 11, 2015

If You Had to Make an Amazing Dish Using 555 Fried Sardines, What Would It Be?

Maine Mendoza Aldub for 555

Sardines may be known as a poor man’s staple because of it's affordability, but it's also packed with essential vitamins and minerals - making it one of the healthiest things we can eat. In fact, I do whip up a pack of 555 Hot & Spicy Sardines whenever I'm too lazy too cook because I find it to be both tasty and good for you. Of course, 555 Sardines recently signed Yaya Dub as their newest endorser to help encourage more people to eat sardines as part of their daily diet as a great health boost.

Having a daily dose of sardines is good for your heart as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have been researched to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Sardines are also an excellent source of Vitamin B12 which is also great for your overall cardiovascular health. Finally, sardines contains high level of Vitamin D that is optimal in bone building and it's also an affordable way to add protein to your diet.

555 Fried Sardines recently held a cooking competition and here are the creative dishes that had sardines as their core ingredient to promote sardines as a regular part of a healthy diet.

There has been a number of creative sardines recipes in the recently held 555 Fried Sardines cooking showdown in chosen Barangays from Pampanga, Pangasinan and Quezon. Similar to MasterChef invention tests, participants cooked dishes using 555 Fried Sardines as main ingredient in their dish.

From the hundreds of entries, the top 10 were chosen conduct an actual demo and the top 5 per town received honors.

555 Fried ng Barangay Cooking Showdown plans to visit other towns so feel free to come up with your own recipes using sardines as the main ingredient. Your recipe might win as the top dish in the next challenge, so you better start practicing!

The cooking participants used 555 Fried sardines variants such as Tausi, Hot and Spicy, Bistek, and Escabeche,

Ms. Elsa Dela Cruz, Grand Winner from Brgy. Buenlag, Calasiao Pangasinan, wowed everyone with her Egg Noodles with 555 Fried Sardines while Mr. Larry Quinto, Grand winner from Brgy. Sindalan, San Fernando City, served up his version of Sardines Lumpiang Sariwa - a dish he regularly cooks for his family as it's both tasty and healthy.

Ms. Maricel Quezada took the top place for her Veggie Spicy Cordon Bleau Sardines in the Quezon leg of the competition.

555 Fried sardines are available in supermarkets and Sari-Sari stores near you.

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