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Coffee and Tea Taste are Addictingly Delicious, and They're Amazing for You Too!

Coffee and Tea are Delicious, But Here are Healthy Reasons Why You Need to Drink More

Coffee and Tea are two of my favorite drinks (add milkshakes and you have my top 3). I usually drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to jump-start my day. It wakes me up and helps me stay focused. I also drink coffee or tea right after eating lunch to either give me an energy boost or to help me relax. It really depends on the kind of day i'm having. 

If you are curious on what blend of coffee I drink, I brew the Philippine Barako Blend - a really strong blend that's grown in the Philippines (it belongs to the Liberica family). It's packs a strong punch and tastes quite good. That is, if you want to stay awake throughout the day. 
I do hope popular coffee shops like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Starbucks share Philippine Barako Coffee to the rest of the world soon. You should really try it.

I am also a fan of green tea, more than black or herbal teas. Green tea is said to be more healthy, with less caffeine and is better tasting (in my opinion). My favorite green tea would have to be Genmaicha Green Tea from Japan. Here in the Philippines, I get my green tea from CBTL Philippines since they have a tasty Genmaicha Green Tea blend and their Green Tea Matcha Latte is one of my favorite drinks. You should try them if you like to drink tea.

Try drinking tea after your workouts. I find that it helps sore muscles relax, and it also helps detox the body since we drink a lot of water after a workout. Of course, I also drink tea whenever I'm feeling a bit under the weather to help my immune system. For sweet tooths I suggest you add honey, its a good day way to enhance the health benefits of tea. 

Check out the benefits of both tea and coffee below;
Coffee and Tea Taste Delicious, But Here are Healthy Reasons Why You Need to Drink More
This beautiful infographic is made by

Try to drink a lot more coffee and tea from now on. Don't forget to share all the healthy benefits of coffee and tea with your friends. 

This post is part of a series on Essential Infographics For Serious Foodies.

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  1. We love coffees in the BPO industry! Our manager gave us a coffee maker, so we are brewing Cape de Lipa from time to time. I like its awakening aroma and it doesn't make my stomach so acidic even if I do not add a creamer on it. When I run in the morning, which happens not very often (sadly), a small cup of coffee helps me to warm up.

    P. S. - I love the infographics, can't take my eyes off it. The colors look so healthy too.

    1. I haven't tried Cape de Lipa but I've seen it. I will buy it next time I go to the grocery. I'm a real coffee fan, so stick around because I'll write a lot about coffee soon!

  2. yep too much of anything isnt good. im too lazy to go out of the house tho lol so I order em online from id rather sleep on weekends and have it arrive to me wahahaha