Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Speak Up: The New Restaurant Critic Is You

What you say matters. With the advent of social media, it's very easy to share each and every dining experience with everyone you know. If you eat at a new restaurant and you find out that you were served raw chicken, you can easily share this experience on Facebook, Twitter or Zomato. This sends your social circle a signal that the food isn't good and they shouldn't waste their time dining at that restaurant. This might prompt them to tell their friends as well, so it's a domino effect that comes from just one bad review. In today's culinary environment, restaurant perception is everything.

You have your respective circles of influence. That is why restaurants need to make sure that food and service quality is always fantastic. People tend to share those good experiences with the people they care about. If the restaurant's plating looks beautiful, people are also more likely to share the pictures on Instagram or Pinterest. Restaurants that focus on making sure their customers come out very happy will be well-rewarded.

My advice is to always be fair. If the restaurant deserves praise, then give them praise and recommend the restaurant to your friends. If they didn't deliver, then tell people about it and hope that they'll do better the next time. 

This sends the message that quality is everything. It will also make sure that more people will go to quality restaurants so that they wouldn't have to suffer through a bad meal again. You've done the world a huge favor.

Go out and be the food critic of today.

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Chef Jay

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  1. Spot on Chef Jay! When we highlight the negative, we should also be able to magnify the positive. Not just focusing on one side.