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Refinery: Serving Brunch and Specialty Coffee You're Sure to Love

Refinery is one restaurant and cafe that my friends have been raving about, so I made it a point to drop by and try the place out myself. It's been on my radar for a while because I am always on the lookout for great specialty coffee spots around Metro Manila. The very moment I walked in, the place had a stark similarity with Single Origin in Bonifacio Global City. I wonder what happened there. 

Well, here's more on my Refinery experience...

The place was well-stocked with a variety of specialty coffee gear so that your coffee is brewed just the way you like it. They have Chemex, Hario V60 cones, and even a Coffee Siphon! 

It's a bit unfortunate that they serve coffee in this metal thermal carafe. I personally prefer clear glass so I can see what I'm drinking. It's practical, but it does ruin the aesthetics of a beautiful morning cup. I had the Brazil Rancho Sao Benedito brewed using the siphon. It was a nice cup of coffee but was a tad bit over-extracted. You'd find a better cup at The Curator or Yardstick. If you want to read more about these two coffee shops, check out my links at the end of this blog post. 

A cup of coffee would range from Php 140 to Php 220 depending on the extraction method you choose. I recommend you drink it black so that you can taste all the beautiful flavor notes of each coffee.

To learn more about specialty coffee, check out this class on understanding specialty coffee

The Cappuccino (Php 140) had a rich, velvety coffee flavor just the way I like it. It's great for those of you who prefer to drink coffee with milk. It was a good cappuccino that had the right kick of caffeine. It's not the diluted stuff you'd get from regular, mass-market coffee chains like Starbucks. 

The Refinery Benedict (Php 298) probably ranks in my top three for Metro Manila. The eggs were perfectly poached and that hollandaise sauce was so buttery good. It probably needed a bit more lemon due to how rich it was, but I thought it was well worth the money I paid for it. I mean, look at that! What a beauty in a plate!

It's not as perfect as Taza Fresh Table's amazing Eggs Benedict, which still ranks as the best I've had in my life, but it does come close and it's a lot closer to home! 

You can also some of Eric Kayser's famous pastries at the shop. This Chocolate Financier (Php 145) was chocolatey good! I'm hoping to come back to try our their Croissants paired with a nice cup of coffee.  

Food Quality: 4.5
Service Quality: 4.0
Ambiance: 4.5

Overall Rating: 4.5

Refinery, if their Eggs Benedict is any indication, serves one hell of a breakfast. Their selection of specialty coffee is also pretty fresh and diverse which makes it the perfect brunch spot around the Rockwell area. I can't wait to try more of what Refinery has to offer if every I find my way back in the future! 

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