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Circles Event Cafe: A Luxurious Feast at Makati Shangri-La

Circles Event Cafe is known for their amazing selection of Eastern and Western cuisine that is just gastronomic heaven for anybody who loves quality food. The selection of dishes to choose from are just amazing and as much as you'd wanna have a taste of everything you probably won't have enough stomach room to try everything with just one visit. All the dishes are prepared by their team of international chefs, so you're sure to get your money's worth.

I've included indicative prices for their buffet below, but to be safe double check by calling them at (02) 814 2580.

Fri-Sat | Dinner 6 PM to 10 PM | Php 2350
Sun | Lunch 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM |  Php 2150
Mon - Thu, Sun | Dinner 6 PM to 10 PM | Php 2100
Mon - Sat | Lunch 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM | Php 1800

*Drinks not included in the buffet price

Every foodie I've ever talked to loved their Circles Even Cafe experience, here's why (in mostly photos!):

You can make your own salad if you're looking to start the evening with a healthy plate. 

Their spread of salad, bread, and cheese is pretty good so you can start off your meal with these, but I suggest you don't. With very limited stomach room, I suggest you turn your focus to the following dishes instead. 

As with all buffets, I immediately went over fill my plate at the Japanese Sushi and Sashimi section. I really loved everything they prepared and I got a lot of salmon and tuna sashimi to begin my meal. The sashimi was really fresh and delicious - definitely top-notch quality that tastes better than your regular buffet sashimi elsewhere!

I then started to fill plates upon plates at the seafood section. I mean, look at all those CLAMS, MUSSELS, CRABS, and PRAWNS! You also have fresh fish and squid to choose from. How can you not enjoy every bit of these fresh delights? You can have these grilled or baked at the American section and you have a number of options to choose from. 

You can't go wrong with these whether you opt to have them 1. grilled plain, 2. grilled with butter garlic sauce, 3. grilled with chili garlic sauce, or 4. baked with cheese!

To be honest, I probably spend 50% of my stomach capacity at the seafood corner. I'm one happy kid with a lot of prawns in my tummy.

I just had my prawns grilled and they were pretty good (although they did get a bit dry, unfortunately) but I found that they were also great when cooked with garlic butter. I recommend you have the mussels (which were probably one of my favorite dishes of the evening) grilled or baked with cheese. The clams were a bit tough when grilled - a hit or miss depending on what you choose but it's worth it. 

Here's some of those crab claws cooked with chili garlic. Doesn't that look scrumptous? 

You definitely shouldn't miss the Prime Roast Beef that has been cooked beautifully. It's one of my favorite dishes of the evening. Just look at that, it's gorgeous! 

They also have a lot of Peking Duck hanging around for you to enjoy. I didn't because I'm not a fan of duck. Their Chinese section was always full of hungry foodies so I wasn't able to take a photo. I really loved their spinach and shrimp dumplings there! 

You can also have pasta made. I particularly loved this Mushroom Spinach Ravioli from the pasta section. YUM!

For the evening, you can add Php 125 to enjoy unlimited juices. No, it's not part of the buffet price yet and you can do without it. 

Their spread of petit four and plated desserts was a bit too much. The french macarons were very good and I would really recommend it. Otherwise, just enjoy choosing from all these sweets. It's not in the photo, but their pudding with vanilla syrup was also superb!

I had FIVE of these. The Creme Brulee here is fantastic that I kept coming back for more. Definitely a dessert you shouldn't miss!

The ice cream section had yogurt, chocolate, ube and vanilla. You also have a number of sauces and sprinkles to make things a bit more interesting.

You can also make your own Halo-Halo bowl at their Halo-Halo corner. Quite franky, I was so full that I didn't event attempt to make one for myself. 

It really is impossible to try everything. It's a probably a ploy so that you just have to come back, which is pretty smart because I want to eat everything so bad that there's a good chance it works. 

Food Quality: 4.5
Service Quality: 5.0
Ambiance: 4.5

Overall Rating: 4.5

Dinner at Circles Event Cafe is an experience that's difficult put into words. The Eastern and Western cuisine spread is so vast that it's probably fit for royalty. The staff, in typical Shangri-La fashion, were very accommodating and polite.

I can't wait to come back! 

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