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Gourmet Farms Express: A Fresh, Healthy Alternative to Fastfood

Healthy food is difficult to come by in Metro Manila without having to pay an arm and a leg. Restaurants serving organic dishes typically charge anywhere above Php 400 pesos per person for a meal. Gourmet Farms Express brings fresh produce straight from their farm, whipping these up into tasty dishes, to serve to your table at a more affordable price. 

Gourmet Farms Express is the first Metro Manila restaurant of the Gourmet Farms Estate, a 12 hectare organic farm located at Silang, Cavite, and hopefully is one of many delicious, organic restaurants to sprout all over the metro. It's just one of the new restaurants to grace Eastwood City's rising dining strip, Eastwood Avenue

Here are the delicious dishes that you would find at Gourmet Farms Express...

The restaurant not only serves fresh wraps, salads, and pasta to Eastwood City's health-conscious patrons, but they also double as a supermarket for the many products that come out of their farm including dips, vegetable chips, pasta sauces, tea and of course their famous coffee

As you enter Gourmet Farms Express you will be greeted by a wide array of fresh, vibrant produce that came straight from the Gourmet Farms Estate. They are proud of their organically grown produce and it's the secret to what makes their dishes delicious.

The Chicken Caesar Salad (Php 185) is one of the restaurant's signature dishes and consists of Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Parmesan, Hard-Boiled Egg, Tomato, and Croutons. You can have it as a salad or as a wrap (shown above), all depending on your personal preference. It's great when paired with Gourmet Farms' Caesar Dressing and I love how fresh and very easy it was to eat when ordered as a wrap.

It makes for a nice, healthy lunch that is just perfect for your diet goals. 

The Taco Avocado Salad (Php 185) is a crowd favorite that's made of Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce Chips, Kidney Beans, Cilantro, and Lemon. It's best paired with Gourmet Farms' Mexican Dressing. I personally liked the combination of the Grilled Chicken, Avocacdo, and Tomatoes but the Mexican dressing just brings it all together by providing a spicy kick that makes it seem like you're having a taco on a bowl. 

It's no doubt inspired by Mexican flavors, with fresh produce being made better by the spicy mexican dressing. 

The Smoked Salmon Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto (Php 185) is my favorite dish and is what I'd call 'sulit' on a bowl. It's Spaghetti that's topped with Gourmet Farms' Sundried Tomato Pesto Sauce, Black Olives, Focaccia Bread. If you look past it not being a traditional pesto sauce that's very green, it's actually one delicious dish that I would personally order again because it feels like I'm getting good value for my money. It's wonderfully seasoned and the sauce is just beautiful when eaten together with the black olives and the 'smokiness' of the salmon on top. A highly recommended dish!

It's also the chef's personal favorite dish from the Gourmet Farms Express menu, so that is one big vote of confidence. 

Food Quality: 4.0

Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 3.5

Overall Rating: 4.0

Metro Manila has recently seen an influx of restaurants offering healthy food to it's many foodies. The most popular restaurants being Salad Stop! and Go! Salads due to their many outlets. Restaurants such as Chimara also highlight the importance of getting your daily dose of deliciously healthy food. 

Gourmet Farms Express is one restaurant that is poised to make a great run at the fastfood scene by offering affordable, organic dishes that taste great. The produce from their farm speaks for itself and I'm hoping that they expand to other areas in Metro Manila. For now, you can enjoy their delicious salads, wraps, and pasta at their Eastwood Avenue store. 

Enjoy eating a bit more clean this year with Gourmet Farms Express! 

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