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Have a Taste of Dangerously Cheesy Goodness With Taters' CHEETOFIED Snacks

Taters and Cheetos, two brands that serve awesome American snacks, is partnering up to give snack lovers the cheesiest and crunchiest snacks this year. They kicked off their new #Cheetofied snacks at the Glorietta Activity Center last January 25, 2017 to bring hungry Filipinos FIVE NEW CHEETOFIED SNACKS. You heard right, you can get your hands on FIVE Cheetos-inspired snacks this year! 

Taters has long been known for serving delicious cinema snacks across Philippine cinemas and a partnership with a household name such as Cheetos definitely gives movie-goers a cheesier option to enjoy at the cinemas this year. It's a perfect marriage that those of you who love popcorn and chips, like yours truly, will surely love. 

The partnership only available from January 25, 2017 until May 15, 2017 in all Taters stores nationwide, so hurry and get yourselves some #Cheetofied snacks now! 

Every Taters store has this huge sign announcing the temporary relationship of Cheetos and Taters. That's a whole lot of cheese for the cheese fanatics in your life. I mean, who doesn't love loads of cheese?

Taters is introducing five Cheetofied snacks but my favorites are shown above. These are the Crunch 'N Pop, the Crunchy Overload, and the Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog. A refreshing cup of pepsi or lemonade works nicely with these very cheese rich snacks so that you don't get a cheese headache! 

The Crunch 'N Pop (Minor - Php 65, Major - 120) is a combination of Cheetos-Flavored Superpop with bits of Crunchy Cheetos. It's the best way to add more cheese and more crunch to your overall snack experience. If you love binging on Cheetos at home, then you'll love this wonderful marriage.

The photo above shows one minor serving of Crunch N' Pop, which for me, is so sulit because that's already loads of Cheetos and popcorn to get you through a movie! It's usually served in a paper bag, but I had Taters place it in a box (it's still overflowing in a Major box) so that you can see how much popcorn and Cheetos is in it!

The Crunchy Overload (Minor - Php 70, Major - Php 130) is crunch after crunch of crunchy cheesy goodness with the combination of Cheetos-flavored Tater Chips and Cheetos Crunchy. Trust me, it's so crunchy that I'm not sure it's a good idea that you bring it inside the cinema. I love how the chips weren't oily at all and the cheese just makes this a cheese-lovers snack. 

Again, the photo just shows a minor serving of the Crunchy Overload which seems very sulit in my opinion. 

The Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog (Sandwich - 115, Meal - 170) is my favorite Cheetofied snack and is really an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Imagine a hotdog that's so juicy and flavorful but drizzled with Coney Island Sauce, BBQ Sauce, CHEETOS DRESSING, and Cheetos-flavored Tater chips that's topped off with crunchy Cheetos. Man, who knew BBQ and cheese would go together so well? They say if Cheetos and Taters had a baby, this would be it. I TOTALLY AGREE!

I just got the Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog Sandwich on top, but if you want you can order a meal to get a drink of your choice along with either the Crunch N' Pop or Crunchy Overload then that would be a great idea. 

The Cheetos Chick-A-Chips (Minor - 105, Major - 200) is Taters' chicken fingers that's served with crunchy Cheetos and Cheetos-flavored Tater Chips. The best part about this dish has to be the CHEETOS DIP, which really levels up the flavor of the chicken fingers by making it outrageously cheesy. 

Personally, I think the chicken fingers was flavorful enough that you don't really need much dip, but it's Cheetos and it is very difficult to resist dipping all the chicken fingers in before gobbling them up one by one. It's my least favorite Cheetos-inspired snack because it has the same price as the Fish N' Chips and I like the flavor of the fish fillets a lot more. 

The photo shows a Minor serving of Cheetos Chick-A-Chips with 3 chicken fingers, while a Major serving has 6 pieces. 

The Cheetos Fish 'N Chips (Minor - 105, Major - 200) is another brilliant cheesy twist to a classic American favorite snack. Imagine getting your hands on juicy fish fillets that has crunchy Cheetos on the side along with Cheetos-flavored Tater Chips. The best part about it is definitely that delicious CHEETOS DIP. I can't stop raving about the dip! YUM!
If I don't feel like having a Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog, this is what I'd choose. 

The photo shows a Minor serving of Cheetos Fish 'N Chips with 2 fish fillets, while a major serving only has four. 

Food Quality: 3.5
Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 3.0

Overall Quality: 3.5

Go to the nearest store near you and have a taste of dangerously cheesy goodness with Taters' new Cheetofied snacks! Make sure you grab a Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog, and make sure you write a comment below which Cheetofied snack you like best. 

Hope you have a cheesy day ahead with loads of crunch. 

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