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Experience Everyday Happy Food with PBCo at the Estancia Mall

Experience Everyday Happy Food with PBCo at Estancia Mall

The first time I ate at Peanut Butter Company was a couple of years ago at their Katipunan store and I remember falling in love with their Elvis, The King sandwich. Fast forward a few years and Peanut Butter Company is current rebranding itself as PBCo - a place where you can enjoy everyday happy food!

PBCo is a specialty concept restaurant that believes a simple staple spread like peanut butter can be used to elevate a number of classic dishes and make them even more delicious. Their menu consists of sandwiches, pasta, rice meals, milkshakes, cakes & pastries, ice cream bars, and a whole lot more... all with peanut butter.

We tried a number of their new dishes and here are our top picks from their new and improved menu.

PBCO Everyday Happy Food - Crunch Jamberry
Crunchy Jamberry
The Crunchy Jamberry (Php320) is a french toast stuffed with cinammon peanut butter and PBCo's signature jamberry cream. It's the restaurant's take on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I think it's fruity good and the cereal coating helps add a bit of crunch to the sandwich. I'm craving for this as we speak.

PBCO Everyday Happy Food - Roast Beef N' Gravy
Roast Beef N' Gravy Sandwich 
The Roast Beef N' Gravy Sandwich (Php285) is another one of my favorites. It's really a hogie roll filled with roast beef, lettuce, onions, and some gravy mayonnaise. The sauce itself was a flavorful mix of sweet and salty with a nice crunch coming from the white onions and lettuce. The peanut butter itself wasn't noticeable but I'm sure there was some peanut butter in there. 

PBCO Everyday Happy Food - Cream Cheese Chowder
Cream Cheese Chowder
The Cream Cheese Chowder (Php168) was one of the best things I've tried in PBCo. It's a blend of cream cheese, carrots, and potatoes that's just delicious. I really loved the creamy texture of the soup and it had a nice balance of flavor with a slightly sweet finish. Again, the peanut butter wasn't noticeable at all.  

PBCO Everyday Happy Food - Cold Asian Noodles
Cold Asian Noodles
The Cold Asian Noodles (Php185) is a pasta that really stood out because of an amazing contrast of flavors. The dish consists of cold noodles served with a seasame peanut butter vinegrette topped with some cucumber and tomatoes. The sesame sauce really stood out and I loved the flavor. There was a hint of peanut butter in the pasta, but blended in nicely. 

PBCO Everyday Happy Food - Fish Diablo Pasta
Fish Diablo Pasta
The Fish Diablo Pasta (Php220) is the perfect dish for anyone craving for something spicy. The pasta is coated with a delicious hot and spicy red sauce and topped with soft and flavorful bite-sized fish fillets. It's not overwhelmingly spicy and I loved the lingering chili taste after each bite. As with the other dishes, I didn't quite notice the peanut butter here. 

PBCO Everyday Happy Food - Sloppy Burger
Sloppy Burger
The Sloppy Burger (Php 295) is PBCo's tribute to the All-American favorite sloppy joe. The burger is filled with a quarter pound beef patty with some lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese topped with loads of sloppy joe sauce. The burger was cooked nicely and the sauce reminded me of good quality chili - it started out a bit sweet but had a hot chili finish. You can really taste hints of peanut butter in the sauce. 

PBCO Everyday Happy Food - Country Chicken Steak
Country Chicken Steak
The Country Chicken Steak (Php320) was my top choice from their signature meals. It's a chicken breast cutlet breaded in seasoned cracked and smothered in milk gravy. It's also said to be marinated in peanut butter. I loved that the chicken was a bit crunchy but was still soft inside - always a good sign that the chicken was well-cooked. There was a peppery-peanuty taste to it that I liked.

You can also grab their Marshmallow Ice Cream Toast (Php165) for dessert or the White Choco Cherry Milkshake (Php165) for your drink. I'm sure that you won't be disappointed by these two, I loved them both.

PBCO Everyday Happy Food - Peanut Butter Display

PBCo also sells peanut butter if you're looking to take some home. I recommend the classic creamy peanut butter coupled with the Marshmallow spread. Trust me, your kids will love you for it!

I played around with their peanut butter at home and I will be sharing a few tasty creations in future post. So stay tuned for more peanut butter goodness in the coming weeks!

Food Quality: 4.0
Service Quality: 4.0
Ambiace: 4.5

Overall Quality: 4.0

PBCo is the perfect place for the young and the young at heart. The restaurant has a nice vibrant ambiance and a diverse menu with quality food that's guaranteed to quench your appetite. Feel at home with PBCo's everyday happy food! 

If you're allergic to peanuts please do know that almost every item in the menu has peanut butter. For  your safety, I suggest you enjoy a meal somewhere else instead. 

Have you tried eating at new PBCo? I hope you can share what you liked or don't like with the change on the comments below. 

Basement, Estancia Mall, Capital Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City

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