Monday, September 21, 2015

An Instant Guide to Making Coffee [Video]

The creative folks at &Orange Motion Design decided to come up with a video that gives us a quick guide to making coffee using 6 brewing methods. I applaud them for making such a cute video, but even though the grind sizes were accurate, I don't think I agree with most of the brewing times shown in the video. Well, not unless they also show the brewing temperature you should aim for.

If you need a refresher on why I believe all three should be considered, here's my article on brewing parameters.

Rather than follow the video instructions to the dot, I recommend you listen to Michael Phillips from Blue Bottle Coffee educate you on the art of brewing quality coffee at home.

But hey, you can still watch the video because it really is quite cute.

An Instant Guide to Making Coffee from &Orange Motion Design on Vimeo.

The brewing methods shown in the video are:
  1. Pour-Over
  2. Chemex
  3. French Press
  4. Siphon
  5. Aeropress
  6. Moka Pot
How did you find &Orange Motion Design's guide to making coffee? Do you agree that the total brewing time is a bit too long?

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