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Have a Taste of Delicious Thai Food at Silk Road Thai Bistro in Bonifacio Global City

Silk Road Thai Restaurant at BGC

Silk Road is a Thai restaurant in Bonifacio Global City known for it's quality Thai dishes. My expectations were quite high fore Silk Road because the restaurant has pretty great reviews on Zomato. In my opinion, I think the food was good, the service was excellent, and the ambiance was amazing.

The restaurant is actually quite beautiful. I love the ambiance because it seems like a very relaxing place to dine. Silk Road looks very upscale and flashy.

Silk Road Thai Restaurant at BGC Ambiance

The food was pretty good, although I wouldn't say that it's authentic Thai cuisine. 

Best Sellers: Phuket Goong Sarong, Pink Pomelo Salad, Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Siam Chicken Wrap, Siamese Pork Ribs, B. Pepper Soft Shell Crab, Silk Road Signature Rice

I would recommend that you order the Tom Yum, Silk Road Signature Rice, and the Siamese Pork Ribs. The Siamese Pork ribs were cooked to perfection, and instantly became my favorite dish. It was soft, juicy, and very flavorful.

Silk Road Thai Restaurant - Siamese Pork Ribs
Siamese Pork Ribs
The signature fried rice was so-so but it was a good compliment to the other dishes as a way to balance the flavors.

Silk Road Thai Restaurant - Silk Road Signature Rice
Silk Road Signature Rice
We initially tried the Tom Yum with 'medium' spice level, however I didn't think it was spicy enough (they probably didn't want to make it too hot to suit the Filipino palate) so I asked the waiter to add more. I recommend you order the Tom Yum with the maximum spice level for it to really be authentic. 

Silk Road Thai Restaurant - Tom Yum
Tom Yum
The Pad Thai was wrapped with cheese. It's the first time I've seen Pad Thai paired with cheese. It was good, but I would prefer Pad Thai to be more authentic manner. Points for creativity though. 

Silk Road Thai Restaurant - Pad Thai
Pad Thai
I wouldn't recommend the Thai Milk Tea, it was too sweet and it tasted like it was made from Milk Tea powder rather than freshly brewed Thai tea.

Silk Road Thai Restaurant - Thai Milk Tea
Thai Milk Tea
You can always add flavor to the dishes using these condiments to suit your taste.

I think the best thing about Silk Road is the service. The waiters are very knowledgeable on the restaurant's top dishes, they were kind, and very quick to respond. That's why service gets a perfect score for me.

Here's the final rating for Silk Road Thai Bistro:

Food Quality: 4.167
Service Quality: 5.0
Ambiance: 4.75

Overall Score: 4.5

Overall, I would recommend that dining in at Silk Road. It may not serve the most authentic Thai food in town, but it's a great place to have a bowl of Tom Yum or plate of Pad Thai after a hard day's work. I would certainly come back here again.

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  1. I really like how the place look like! It has a very relaxing atmosphere based on your pictures. Thanks for the tour. I frequently run around BGC, but never have I entered these kind of restaurants.