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Brewery Gastropub: Serving the Best Imported Beers in Iloilo City

Brewery Gastropub: Serving the Best Imported Beers in Iloilo City

Brewery Gastropub is the first bar in Iloilo City that offers a wide selection of commercial and craft beers from all over the world. They feature over 40 different varieties of imported beer that you can choose from. I'm also quite happy that they also sell some of my favorite beers: Stella Artois, Guinness, and John Smith.

It's great that Iloilo City now has a restaurant dedicated to serving good quality, imported beers. It's a testament to how much the city has grown over the past years.

Heads up guys, if you plan on going to Brewery Gastropub make sure you abide by their dress code so that you don't encounter any problems. Strictly no sando, shorts, or slippers for guys! 

Brewery Gastropub Now Brewing in Iloilo City Dress Code

Brewery Gastropub also sells craft beers but it's too bad they were out of stock the night I was there. I was looking forward to giving it a review. I heard they had Dinayang Festival Inspired Hand Crafted Gourmet Beer made from imported ingredients, local muskovado, and lemons. Sounds delicious!

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo City Craft Coffee Holgate Brew

Make sure you try out John Smith Extra Smooth Beer at Php 185 per 500ml can. It's really good. John Smith is certainly one of my favorite drinks of the night.

John Smith Beer Extra Smooth
John Smith Extra Smooth Beer
It has this awesome foam on top when you transfer it to a mug. 

John Smith Beer Extra Smooth Iloilo City
John Smith Extra Smooth Beer
Given the wide selection of beers, I can't possibly jot down every one of them. So here's a menu to help you see if your favorite beers are being sold here. Top-rated beers in the world such as Blue Moon, Guinness, Stella Artois, Budweiser, and Paulaner are all in the menu.  Please note that they also sell beer that aren't in this menu (like the John Smith shown earlier). The beers are presented in alphabetical order below:

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo City - Beer Menu 1

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo City - Beer Menu 2

If you aren't sure of what to order, read our review on what we think are the best-tasting beers. I understand that the beers are overpriced, but it's normal in bars since you are also paying for the ambiance. This is still cheaper than what you'd find here in Manila though. I have been hearing rumors that S&R is planning to open an outlet in Iloilo City. If that's the case, Brewery might be in trouble. 

In the meantime, make sure you drop by Brewery Gastropub to have a taste of quality, imported beers. Brewery Gastropub opens at 4:00pm and closes at 12:00mn from Monday to Sunday.

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  1. I'm planning to go back to Iloilo next month. I now know where to chill. :)

  2. Beer!! Interesting post and love the food post you write!


  3. Looks like a cool place. I love beer so will definitely visit :) Cheers!


  4. I am happy to see that Guiness is on the list. That's grand! I first had a taste of it when I was in Belfast. I look forward to having it again.