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Shaburi: Japanese Shabu-Shabu Buffet at Uptown Mall

Shaburi offers all-you-can-eat Japanese Shabu-Shabu at Upown Mall, Bonifacio Global City. The franchise started out in Indonesia but opened their first branch in the Philippines to bring the joy of eating delicious, healthy shabu-shabu with a variety of soup options for Filipinos to enjoy. 

Customers can enjoy unlimited, all-you-can-eat Japanese Shabu-Shabu with 5 different soup options and an array of appetizers, side dishes, fresh vegetables, dipping sauces, drinks and desserts from their buffet menu for as low as Php 499. 

Here's what you can expect from Shaburi...

The best part about Shaburi is that you get your own personal induction plate at the table. Other shabu-shabu restaurants typically have shabu-shabu bowls for sharing, so you have to consider the other people at your table. At Shaburi, you can enjoy shabu-shabu any way you like it! 

The restaurant has a variety of vegetable, mushroom, noodles, and shabu-shabu balls that you can from their buffet station. Just grab a plate of whatever you like, bring it back to your table and start cooking shabu-shabu just the way you like it. 

I personally loved the Shaburi Wagyu, the Tasty Beef, and the Tender Pork from the list of meat options. You have quite a number of food options when you get their all-you-can eat buffet that you won't come out hungry. I love how thinly sliced all the meat plates are which helps cook the meat quickly and the quality of the meat dishes are great. The plates are also served directly to your table, so you are assured that these plates are not mishandled by other customers, leaving the plates contaminated

Please note that their all-you-can-meat buffet only has a 90 minute time period so you better hurry up a bit when cooking up your shabu-shabu hotpot. Personally, I think that's enough time to fill yourself up with a whole lot of meat and will give you a few rounds to and from the buffet table. 

Also note that they have a wastage fee, a time extension fee, and a no-takeout policy. All customers in the same table should select the same course menu from their all-you-can-meat buffet, so make sure to plan ahead in advance.

The buffet offers a variety of fresh, green vegetables that you can include in your shabu-shabu.  Make sure you get a lot for a healthy, well-balanced meal. They say we need to take approximately 350g of vegetables per day, so that's around a plate or two! 

I personally like getting a bit of everything, and a lot of shabu-shabu balls. I also love Shaburi's mushroom selection that helps bring a lot of umami to the soup.

The Shaburi Wagyu is worth every peso. You can have a Shaburi Wagyu buffet (Php 1349) or a Shaburi Wagyu Set (Php 535). Personally, I would order a Shaburi Wagyu Set with 2 Plates (Php 675) if I wanted to splurge a little and just fill myself with the rest of the buffet inclusions. It's half the price of the all-you-can-eat Wagyu buffet and you don't have the option for a little more variety, but I would just get plates of wagyu anyway if I opt for the buffet. 

The Tender Pork consists of very thinly sliced strips of pork and cooks very quickly. A staple for any Japanese shabu-shabu restaurant that adds a bit of variety

The Tasty Beef consists of quality beef slices that are also very thinly sliced and are delicious when cooked in the Original Konbu Soup. Don't get me wrong, this isn't wagyu quality but for regular shabu-shabu I think it's pretty good. For Php 599 for a plate of Tasty Beef or Tender Pork on dinners and weekends, I think that's pretty affordable considering you can enjoy as much meat as you want. 

Shaburi plans to offer up seafood plates in the future with thin slices of salmon and some shrimp so stay tuned for that! 

You can choose to flavor your soup in any way you like. For soup, you can choose from Original Konbu, Sukiyaki, Soy Milk Miso, Chicken Collagen Paitan, and Hot Miso. Personally, Make sure to ask them to provide samples of each soup so you can try out each one. I personally prefer the Original Konbu because it's the classic soup option. Here are the benefits of each soup (according to the Shaburi website)...
  • Original Konbu - Abundant with calcium and minerals, it helps prevent fatigue, stress, and improves stomach condition
  • Sukiyaki - It's a combination of sweetness and flavor that makes ingredients taste better. 
  • Paitan Chicken Collagen - Rich in collagen for those who want to improve their complexion. 
  • Hot Miso - Studies found that miso prevents stomach condition and even lowers risk of aging and fatigue. Benefits of the Soy Milk miso should be similar. 
I personally loved the Original Konbu Soup paired with Original Shabu-Shabu sauce. Try it out!

I personally get a little bit of everything added to the Original shabu-shabu sauce (which is quite sweet on it's own). I just avoid the grated radish and I like putting a lot of Chopped Red Chili for a nice spicy kick. Just flavor the soup any way you like!

They also have a number of fried appetizer options from french fries, fried corn balls, I ate a lot of Gyoza from their appetizer buffet because I think it's the best option there. Don't miss it!

Food Quality: 4.0
Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 3.5

Overall Quality: 4.0

Shaburi offers a healthy Japanese shabu-shabu option for those of you living or working at Bonifacio Global City. They have a wide variety of meat and soup options available depending on how you want to enjoy your shabu-shabu feast - from the standard unli pork and beef to the luxurious wagyu sets that melts in your mouth. 

Filipinos are more familiar with Chinese-style shabu-shabu but have a taste of healthy, Japanese shabu-shabu at Shaburi. You never know, maybe it's shabu-shabu you would love more. 

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