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Spice Cafe: A Hotel Feast To Start Your Day

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast can be as affordable as the silog meals that you can get almost anywhere in the Philippines, from popular silog spots like Rodic's diner to your favorite neighborhood carinderia, to very expensive breakfasts (at over Php 2,000) at Metro Manila's top hotels. I'd like to think Spice Cafe sits as somewhat of a middle option.

I'll get straight to the point, Breakfast buffet at Spice Cafe is not cheap. At Php 800 per head most people wouldn't even consider spending that much for breakfast. For those of you considering a hotel that gives you a breakfast feast every morning, then continue reading.

I guess what you'd like to know is if Spice Cafe is worth it. Well, read on to find out...

The buffet breakcast usually costs Php 800 per person, but is being sold at a special price of Php 500 when purchased with a room at City Garden Grand Hotel

They have a variety of breads to choose from if you are a bread person. I didn't have a lot of bread because there were loads of other dishes to choose from. Most of the hotel's international guests would probably appreciate this a lot. 

What's bread without cheese? On the other hand, you don't need bread to enjoy cheese for breakfast! Yum! 

There are also cereal options for the kids and the kids at heart. 

They also have Muesli available with some raisins if you're trying to eat a bit healthy. 

Who wants Pancakes for breakfast? While it's not the best way to spend your limited stomach space, it's there if you really love it. 

There's also some french toast you're craving for that!

Spice Cafe also has a few soups to choose from. I personally loved the Cream of Asparagus soup! 

There's also a salad bar for those of you who are health conscious. I didn't go near it except to take this photo.

Choose your egg! I had a sunny side up but you can certainly choose how you'd like your eggs in the morning. 

BACON! Breakfast isn't complete without a few slices of crispy, salty BACON! The bacon at Spice Cafe was especially delicious and cripy. Now that's bacon done right and I found myself coming back for more. 

There's a processed meat section if you want to have these for breakfast. 

Who else here thinks it's amazing to have the option of pizza for breakfast? It was a bit oily and soggy but it's certainly a great option to have. 

Here are a few dishes the kitchen prepared for the breakfast. They have a lot of options to choose from with so many different cuisines being served. I personally love the Filipino section of tapa and tocino! 

Spice Cafe also has a hotpot section for breakfast! It's said to be very popular with the Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese that say at City Garden Grand hotel. 

Who says you can't have Maki for breakfast? haha. It's a dream come true for all Maki lovers out there!

Spice Cafe also has a few fruit juice options to enjoy your meal with.

Fresh fruits for dessert for the feeling healthy. Do eat your fruits to have a healthy lifestyle!

Here's the dessert bar in case you are curious. I love the yogurt right there at the back! It's a nice way to help with the digestion after the breakfast feast. 

There's also a chocolate fountain for dessert with some toppings and bread for dipping. It is definitely a hit for the kids and you can always coat fruits with loads of chocolate... although that really isn't too healthy. 

Food Quality: 4.0
Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 4.0

Overall Quality: 4.0

That's a lot of food! The breakfast buffet at Spice Cafe isn't cheap but you are paying for loads of variety. I mean, where else can you find a breakfast buffet with Japanese maki, a hotpot station, loads of breads and desserts, pizza, and a number of dishes spanning many international cuisines all for the price of Php 800 or cheaper? 

It's hard to think of one because Spice Cafe at the City Garden Grand hotel is probably one of a few hotels that make it a point to have affordable variety. If that's important for you, then this is one restaurant you definitely should feast in.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. The author did not pay for any of the dishes mentioned in this article. This, however, does not impair the unbiased opinion of the reviewer. 

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