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The Northern Taste Coffee Company: Affordable, Freshly-Roasted Philippine Coffee

Freshness is one of the most important characteristics to watch out for when shopping for your next bag of coffee beans. I can't stress just how important freshly-roasted, whole coffee beans are especially because coffee tends to lose much of its flavor after a month from roasting and a few seconds after grinding. As coffee lovers around the Philippines get better coffee education, a number of roasters have been moving online in an effort to get freshly-roasted coffee in homes around the country. The Northern Taste Coffee Company, by far, sells the most affordable coffee beans of the bunch!

All the coffee that the company sells comes from North Luzon in Cordillera Administrative Region. So that's coffee from Benguet, Sagada, and Kalinga. All the single origin coffee beans are hand-picked to ensure the quality of each coffee bag delivered.

You can check out their website for their selection of coffee beans, but if you'd like to know my two cents then continue reading on...

So far, I tried the following coffee beans from The Northern Taste Coffee Company: Barbara House Blend, Anne House Blend, Sagada Medium, and Arabica Benguet. I brewed all of these coffee beans using a Hario V60, an Aeropress, and a Kalita 102. I noticed is that almost all the coffee beans were roasted to the darker side.

If you would like to know how to brew coffee the right way for maximum flavor, check out this class on Skillshare.

Here are my thoughts on each one:

The Barbara Blend (Php 275) is said to be very strong coffee that's a blend of Arabica and Robusta. It's said to resemble the flavor of a Starbucks Cafe Americano. Indeed, the coffee beans are roasted pretty dark with chocolatey and nutty notes. There wasn't a lot of acidity to these beans although the Robusta beans does add a bit of harshness and bitterness to the drink. It's best brewed using an Aeropress and French Press.

Overall, not my personal preference coffee but I can imagine a number of traditional coffee drinkers would love this.

The Anne House Blend (Php 275) is another Arabica and Robusta Blend that's a bit bittersweet. Personally, I don't find that there is much of a difference between either blend because it has almost the same profile as the Barbara blend but with just a bit more sweetness. It's best brewed using an Aeropress and French Press.

Again not a personal preference but this would be a hit for traditional coffee drinkers and would make a nice espresso.

The Medium Roasted Arabica Benguet (Php 240) beans offer body that's bit chocolatey with full body and a low acidity. It's a nice alternative to Sagada coffee beans if you love coffee with a nice body. It's best brewed using a Kalita 102 or an Aeropress.

I might order this bag once in a while, but it's decent coffee especially for those who are not a fan of coffees with a bit of acidity.

The Medium Roasted Arabica Sagada (Php 265) is by far my favorite coffee beans from the Northern Taste Coffee Company and it's very close to the Sagada beans that you'd get from Current Swell (at half the price!). It has a nice acidity to it with a very nutty and smokey flavor. It's best brewed using a Hario V60 to really extract the flavor and retain a nice medium acidity.

I think I'll get my Sagada fix from The Northern Taste from now on because this is one delicious cup!

Here is the complete price list for all the coffee bean options you can choose from.
I recommend always getting a 500g or 1kg bag if you're into coffee as much as I am (it's also a lot cheaper). A 500g bag is enough for 30 cups using a 16g coffee to 250g water ratio, so it'll last for around a month.

If you are looking to roast your own coffee at home, you can also purchase raw green coffee beans from The Northern Taste.

How to Order:  

1. Send your order through SMS (09163012320) or email ( by letting them know the following:
  • Type of Coffee Beans
  • Raw or Roasted
  • Ground Coffee or Whole Beans (ALWAYS GET WHOLE BEANS)
  • Weight of the Coffee. 

2.  Make a payment thru bank deposit (BPI or BDO) before 1:00PM for next day delivery.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy the beans from The Northern Taste. Let me know in the comments below what you think of their coffee beans!

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