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Halal Kabab Express: Affordable, Delicious Persian Cuisine at The Yard Underground

Food parks were sprouting left and right since early last year and they remain to be very popular because of they tend to be very lively with a diversity of food options. One hidden food park gem is Halal Kabab Express, a stall that serves middle-eastern favorites, which started out in The Yard at Xavierville in Quezon City. The also have a hole-in-the-wall, sit-down restaurant at Park 9 Alley near the Regis Center and they recently opened another location at The Yard Underground in Pasig City.

Halal Kabab Express is no doubt a crowd favorite because they serve delicious food, in huge servings, and at bargain prices. They are also pretty quick in bringing food to your table which explains the 'express' in their name. If you're craving for authentic and delicious persian dishes that's not too hard on the wallet, I urge you to try Halal Kabab Express.

Here's how our Halal Kabab Express experience turned out...

The Yard Underground was packed on a Friday night. The place was buzzing with people and you can really feel the energy in the air. People were looking to have a great time with delicious food. It's a bit difficult to find a seat but that's part of being at a food park - it's every foodie for themselves!

While you can definitely dine out by yourself, it's a lot more fun and practical to go out with your friends in a food park. You can all spread out to look for a table and take turns ordering food.

The Keema Macaroni (Php 139) is, in my opinion, the Persian version of Mac & Cheese. It's a dish that's layered with Keema (a traditional Persian minced meat dish), Spinach, Tomato Concasse, and Persian White Sauce. I loved how it was so creamy and packed with flavor because of the lovely blend of that tomato concasse and the persian sauce.

This is one highly recommended dish and it's great for sharing.

The Chelo Kabab Kubieh Wrap (Php 99) is a whole grain naan wrap filled with juicy beef kabab, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and onions wrapped with whole grain pita. It's a pretty big piece (I think it's bigger than Army Navy's burrito for comparison) and you definitely get your money's worth since it will only cost you 99 pesos per wrap.

The beef kababs of Halal Kabab Express are probably my favorite so I highly recommend this if you're looking for a dish that you can just grab and go. The beef is juicy and flavorful and the traditional yogurt sauce just ties the dish together beautifully.

The Chicken Biryani with Basmati Rice (Php 249) is one flavorful piece of chicken saffron that's served on a bed of Basmati Rice and a Shirazi salad topping. The chicken was delicious and you can really taste the saffron coming through. It wasn't as moist as I like my chicken to be but it was still pretty good for the price. The basmati rice was spot on and complements the chicken very well.

The Chicken & Beef Kubideh (Php 189) is a good way to mix up your meal since it comes with both Chicken and Beef Kabab, served with grilled tomato and Persian rice. It's frankly large enough for two to share, so it's nice to have a bit of variety. In terms of flavor, the kababs from Halal Kabab Express are some of the most delicious kababs you can find anywhere in the Metro with each kabab packed with spices and very juicy with every bite!

I personally liked the beef kabab way more than the chicken kabab, so I would have no problem with an order of Chelo Kabab Kubideh (Php 189) all for myself.

You can also grab a cup of Lassi (Php 70), which comes in Rose Water, Plain, and Mango, to complement your heavy meal. I personally recommend Rose Water Lassi because I find the flavor of rose water to be very refreshing, but a Plain Lassi is just as good.

Food Quality: 4.5
Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 3.0

Overall Quality: 4.0

If you find yourself in Katipunan or at the Yard Underground and you're looking for authentic and delicious Persian dishes, head over to Halal Kabab Express. I personally love the food and the dishes are just full of flavor. I highly recommend the Chicken & Beef Kubideh, Keema Macaroni, and two Lassi if you're out on a date for two. With the large serving sizes at Halal Kabab Express I think this is more than enough. 

If you're feeling extra hungry, you can always have a order all to yourself. With Persian food as good as what they serve, that's probably a better idea so that you don't find yourself fighting for the last piece of kabab!  

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    1. These dishes are finished off with margarine and ghee, which makes them considerably all the more tantalizing and engaging.