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Mrs. Wharton's London Bakes and English Teas: Bites of Delectible English Sweets in Iloilo City

We daydream that someday in the not-so-distant-future we'll find ourselves sitting along the streets of London, enjoying afternoon tea with a plate of freshly baked scones. For many Ilonggos who can't afford a trip to visit the Big Ben, this won't be anything more than a dream. Lucky for us, Mrs Wharton is now serving 'London Bakes and English Teas' to bring a taste of London right in Iloilo City.

A brainchild of Mrs. Anna Marie Wharton, Mrs Wharton is a cozy cafe filled with homemade sweets and English tea. The restaurant itself has a very intimate atmosphere with the first store is located inside the popular Spa Riviera - a nice spot for hushed conversations and afternoon dates. I can't imagine a better day than indulging in a slice of Mrs Wharton's Red Velvet Cake with a cup of PG Tips after a nice, relaxing Gayuma massage. 

Now let's talk about those cakes, shall we? 

The original Mrs Wharton store is located at Spa Riviera, Jabez Building, Gen. Luna Street, Iloilo City. The best landmark I can give is that it's across JD Roadhouse along Gen. Luna Street near the Jalandoni flyover. It's a small, cozy location that's filled with tea tables and comfortable couches. 

Just look for the sign above if you're looking for the store. If you still can't find it, there's always google maps! 

Mrs Wharton recently opened a new store at SM Southpoint last April 4 making their delicious London bakes more accessible to a lot more people. If you going to the original store is a bit of a hassle, you can now find them at SM City Iloilo. Pretty convenient, right? 

The best part about it is that they haven't increased their prices yet in their new store, making Mrs Wharton one of the more affordable options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Imagine, their cakes are cheaper what you can get from Starbucks and the cost is comparable to buying roughly 2 doughnuts from either Krispy Kreme or J.Co. Now that's a bargain! 

The new store is just as Instagram-worthy as the first one with a very chic interior. I think it's even a lot better because rays of natural light now engulf the place making those flatlays even more mouthwatering! 

Mrs Wharton's freshly-baked pastries are stored in this little cute London-style Red Phone Booth - an iconic sight along the streets of London. It's good to note that these gems are prepared by none other than Mrs Wharton herself and she trusts no one else to do the baking. 

She mentioned that they had to go through a number of iterations before they found the perfect recipe for each cake so she bakes these cakes herself because she owes it to her customers to ensure that every cake they order is just as good as they remember it the last time. 

If you can't decide on what to get, get the Love Box (Php 150) which comes with a brownie, a red velvet cupcake, dark chocolate ganache cupcake, and an apple cinnamon cupcake is one of the first things you should order. These are mini-versions of their larger cakes so that you know what to order the next time around. Personally, I love the red velvet cupcake (cream cheese frosting is just YUM!) and the apple cinnamon cake but as I always say to each his/her own. 

It also makes for the perfect gift in case you're looking to impress that special someone. 

Scones (Php 75) are an English classic and Mrs Wharton serves these buttery delights with butter and strawberry jam. You can add Php 45 to enjoy it with a cup of English Tea for a complete afternoon snack. Although I find a few scones sold elsewhere a bit hard and dry, these scones were soft and buttery complementing the tea beautifully. 

To enjoy the scones, it's best if you cut them in half and spread both butter and jam on top of each half. Don't eat the scones as a sandwich but instead eat these as bite-sized halves topped with loads of butter and jam. 

The Pecan Banana Carrot Cake (Php 85) is a tasty banana cake topped with crunchy pecans and topped with a cream cheese frosting. It's certainly one of my favorite cakes in Mrs Wharton (along with the Red Velvet and the Mango Surprise) because the elements just blend together beautifully. Of course, the cream cheese filling in the middle makes this cake very addicting. 

The Mango Surprise (Php 85) tastes like one of Manila's most popular cakes - the Mango Bravo from Contis. It's a marriage of cream, mangoes, and crunchy meringues resulting in a beautifully fruity, creamy, and crunchy cake in every bite. It's so addicting that you probably wouldn't want to share this cake even though it's large enough for two. 

The Apple Cinnamon Cake (Php 55) is a good cake that's a favorite for the older crowd. It's pretty good and I personally love the crunchy crust on top. There's not much to say here since apple and cinnamon is just a classic flavor combination. 

If you're looking for a savory option, Mrs Wharton also serves Lasagna (Php 150). The photo above is just a slice, but one order is large enough for 2 people to share. Who doesn't love baked pasta that's oozing with cheese? 

Food Quality: 4.0
Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 4.5

Overall Quality: 4.0

Mrs Wharton's London Bakes and English Teas gives Ilonggos a taste of London right here in Iloilo City. The pastries they offer are not only delicious but they're also quite easy on the pocket. Now, you can enjoy delicious cakes whenever you feel like it just a few steps away from SM City Iloilo, not just an occasional indulgence, 

Allow Mrs Wharton to bring you to the streets of London, if only for one fleeting moment. 

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