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Morganfield's Philippines: The Biggest, Juiciest, Fall-Off-The-Bone Pork Ribs Has Arrived!

Morganfield'sHome of Sticky Bones, has finally opened their doors in Manila! The American-style diner is an extremely popular restaurant in Malaysia known for their huge portions of succulent, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs. 

Funny thing is, they didn't start out in the United States. Morganfield's actually began serving their huge ribs in Malaysia and they have since expanded to Singapore, China, and now the Philippines - certainly one of the fastest growing restaurant brands in Asia. 

We had the opportunity to try out selected items from Morganfield's menu during their opening week, including a variety of dishes including the popular salads, appetizers, mains, and of course RIBS! Here's why you'll love it... 

They're not shy about proclaiming they have the best ribs in town, eh? That's confidence right there! Each full slab has a standard 10-12 bones and that's roughly around 1-1.2kg. All of Morganfield's spare ribs are shipped from Spain to make sure all the ribs are consistently delicious - taking the extra mile to bring you quality food! 

This huge sign showcases the inspiration behind Morganfield's: Good ol' fashioned barbecued pork ribs and a toe-tapping, roaring 50's flair. A truly laid back feel enjoying great music and delicious sticky bones!

Morganfield's is a pretty laid back place with loads of hilarious quotes plastered everywhere. After you place your order, they place a bib that says "Busy eating, please do not disturb." I really wanted to take that bib home! Morganfield's brings you to the rib houses of Texas, the perfect plate to enjoy a large rack of baby back. 

When you're done eating, they give you hand wipes to clean your hands so don't be shy to dig in with your fingers.

The Sesame Shrimp Salad (Php 395) is a great and refreshing way to start off a heavy meal. It's for those who like to kid themselves that they'll be having a well-balanced diet (yeah right!). The salad is a bunch of mixed herbs, apples, tomatoes, sesame seeds, spring onions, red chilies, blanched shrimps, and crunchy thin chips served with sesame dressing. 

Overall, I love the taste! I'm always a huge fan of lettuce or cabbage that's loaded with sesame dressing in Japanese restaurants. Here, you have a wider variety of different flavors that pairs really well with that delicious sesame dressing. The added crunch from the thin chips on top adds an interesting dimension of texture to the dish.  

The Pork Sausage Platter (Php 465) is my personal favorite appetizer! All the sausages were very moist, juicy, and full of flavor. The order includes 4 different varieties of sausages, a garlic aoli dip, and coleslaw. It's difficult to get these sausages moist and still have bangs of flavor, I ordered this a number of times now and they've been consistently good! 

My favorite sausage has to be the Cheesy Cheese, a cheese sausage that's juicy with pockets of cheese that coats your mouth in every bite. My second favorite is the Smoky Bandit because the heavy smoky flavor of the sausage. The Spicy Devil comes third because I love food with a spicy kick, but I thought it needed a bit more of that spicy flavor. The Herby Hog is my least favorite but still quite good, adding a mix of beautiful herbal aromats to a juicy, flavorful sausage. 

All the sausages were moist and seasoned to perfection, so it's definitely a dish I will keep on coming back for.

The Jim Beam BBQ Iberico Baby Back (Php 950) is a tender plate of ribs that's packed full of spices with an intense spicy kick in each bite. This is my favorite rack of ribs ever - succulent, melt-in-your-mouth ribs that's sweet, spicy, and packed full of flavor. The heat that comes from the tasty BBQ glaze is surreal. I'm craving for a rack of right now. Every order of Jim Beam BBQ Iberico Baby Back Ribs is served with coleslaw and french fries.

The Jack Daniels Glazed Iberico Baby Back (Php 950) is an award winning recipe that's sweet and tangy. Similar to the Jim Beam Ribs, the ribs itself was succulent and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It's perfect for those who like a sweet kick in their barbecue with mellow heat. It's my second favorite rack of ribs and it's a plate I'd also keep coming back for. Every order of Jack Daniels Iberico Baby Back is served with onion rings and coleslaw. 

Spanish Iberico ribs are said to be some of the finest pork in the world as it's very rich in flavor but are said to be quite lean. The Iberico ribs from Morganfield's, however, were already quite juicy and tender with a melt-in-your-mouth feel - probably because the ribs were marinated in alcohol for so long that it really tenderized the meat. If you want to splurge, go ahead and grab a rack of the Iberico. Every bite will be a winner! 

The Ribs Sampler (Php 3225) is a great way to have a taste of 3 out of the 4 popular rib flavors at Morganfield's. The set comes with 3 Half Slabs of Ribs, 1 Footlong Farmers Bratwurst Sausage, 1 Spicy Devil, 1 Herby Hog, Garden Salad, Grilled Corn on Cob, Corn Bread, and Fries. 

For the ribs, I would recommend you get the Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs, Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs, and Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs. In my opinion, these three are the top 3 flavors for their ribs. 

The Hickory BBQ Ribs offers the traditional sweet and smoky barbecue glaze with a bit of heat. Morganfield's does makes for a great hickory sauce and it's my second favorite flavor. The Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs was loaded with roasted garlic on top and has a nice sweet, spicy, and garlicky flavor to it. Don't worry it doesn't overpower with garlic but the garlic flavor is more pronounced. It's actually my favorite plate of ribs from the normal rib flavors. 

The Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs is perfect if you're looking for a heavy black pepper flavor and I also loved it. The other foodies named this as their favorite rack of ribs so you should definitely get a slab. The Spicy Asian BBQ Spare Ribs is mixed with Asian herbs and chili flavors that's perfect for the spicy lovers out there! It was my least favorite because I thought it needed a bit more spice and the other options were extremely good! 

All the ribs were juicy and tender as advertised. All the ribs also had a bit of spice to them and that added heat helps keep things interesting. It's certainly a delicious rack of ribs that's one of the best I've had, but doesn't quite beat the Iberico goodness. 

A full rack of ribs on their own with 2 sides cost Php 1395 for a full slab and Php 750 for a half slab. The Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs cost  Php 1595 for a full slab and Php 850 for a half slab. 

The Chocolate Brownie (Php 175) was a plate of heavenly chocolate and vanilla goodness. Let's face it, it's a brownie ala mode with whipped cream and a cherry but it was a crowd favorite. The brownie was warm, rich, and decadently bursting with chocolate goodness. It's complemented really well with the cold vanilla ice cream on top. I recommend you get this dessert for a nice, sweet ending to an otherwise flavor-packed meal. 

We were also able to have a taste of their different drinks: Virgin Apple Mojito (Php 165), Begonia (Php 175), Mango & Lime Lassi (Php 195), and Berry Easy (Php 195). All the drinks were quite refreshing and citrusy, which helps cut some of that richness that comes from eating a huge rack of ribs. My personal favorite was the Berry Easy (shown below) and my second favorite was the Begonia, which is a refreshing soda that's infused with strawberries, kiwi, and lime. 

The Berry Easy (Php 195) was the best drink overall! It's made using 3 types of berries and it's a very refreshing drink that really balances the richness of the mains served. 

They also had really cute mugs that I wanted to take home! Oink Oink! 

Food Quality: 4.5
Service Quality: 4.5
Ambiance: 4.5

Overall Quality: 4.5

Morganfield's serves some of the best ribs I've ever tasted. If you're looking to unwind and enjoy a huge plate of succulent, juicy, fall-off-the-bone barbecued baby back ribs then head over to Morganfield's at Uptown Place Mall, Bonifacio Global City. 

I'm sure you'll have a Belly Good time! 

2F Uptown Mall, 9th Avenue cor. 36th Street, 1634 Bonifacio Global City
0977-803-6374 / (02) 975-5700

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