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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's 2017 Giving Journal: It's Time to Begin Your Giving Journey

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's 2017 Giving Journal: It's Time to Begin Your Giving Journey

It's about time to start spending a little extra on coffee. This year, you can begin collecting The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's 2017 Giving Journal from October 22, 2016 until January 8, 2017. Another year, another blank slate that you can once again look forward to as the year draws to an end but I hope you filled up last year's giving journal with beautiful memories that you'll treasure from here on. 

This year's planner season features the Giving Journal in four simple, yet elegant designs. Browsing through the pages, I was found myself craving for a journal of my own right away because this is probably the most beautiful CBTL planner yet. It's also the cheapest way to getting yourself a planner for next year because you only need 12 stampsThis year, they also have four colors to choose from, with a color for him (charcoal) and three colors for her (pink, blue, and violet). 

The Giving Journal also features 12 coupons that you can use to satisfy your coffee obsession in 2017, with notable ones being:
- Buy 1 Take 1 on any Ice Blended Beverage (January)
- Free 2 Add ons for Any Beverage (February)
- Buy any Pasta, get free brewed coffee or tea (July)
- Buy a slice of cake and get any hot tea for free (September)
- Buy any Beverage and get an extra stamp for the 2018 Giving Journal. (December)

They retained the same mechanics from last year so check out my previous article to also see the summarized mechanics and some of my personal tips
Remember, only Regular and Large drinks count for a stamp (I ordered a small because forgot...) and only 1 stamp card is allowed for redemption, you can't combine! For an enjoyable CBTL experience, check out my menu guide for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

CBTL 2017 Giving Journal Flavors - Double Chocolate Strawberry and Winter Dream Latte

This holiday season, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also introduced the Double Chocolate Strawberry Latte Ice Blended and Latte - a new delicious, indulgent, espresso-based treat that you'll love. It has a strong chocolate flavor and the strawberry syrup that's blended in just keeps things interesting. I'm hooked! They also retained the Winder Dream Tea Latte for those of you who don't drink coffee.

I tried as soon as it came out (Double stickers!) and I instantly fell in love with the drink. It's far better than both the Red Velvet (I really don't miss this) and last year's Toffee Nut Latte (although that was tasty). Seems like chocolate and strawberries is the popular new Christmas beverage of the year, with Starbucks Philippines also introducing the Santa Hat Dark Mocha Frappucino and Latte

Have fun collecting the stamps you need for the 2017 CBTL Giving Journal. 

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