Monday, November 14, 2016

The Starbucks 2017 Planner: Coffee Stains and Blue Siren Inspires Best Starbucks Planner Yet

Starbucks Philippines 2017 Christmas Traditions Planner - Coffee Stains and Blue Siren

Last year, I said Starbucks probably has the most sought after planner in the Philippines with thousands of die-hard fans trying to hoard enough stickers just to get their hands on it after year. This holiday season, Starbucks Philippines took it up a notch to craft the most beautiful Starbucks planner yet! I make it a point to grab a planner every year and I can't wait to own one with the elegantly crafted Coffee Stains design. Of course, the ladies would probably prefer the Blue siren instead.

It's the same drill as last year, collect 18 stickers (9 Christmas Beverages and 9 Regular Beverages) from November 2, 2016 to January 8, 2017 and once completed you can redeem a Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2017 planner with a combination of up to 2 promo cards with the complete set of stickers. You can also puchase food and other retail items worth Php7000 to get your hands on one right away.

This year, each design comes in two sizes, a regular sized planner and a slightly smaller one. Personally, I prefer the regular-sized planner because I can write more on it (since my handwriting is huge! haha!) but I do get the utility of the smaller one especially if you love bringing a planner around. The 2017 Starbucks planner also comes with an erasable pen, a bookmark, coffee stickers, discount coupons, and a beautiful pouch. 

Starbucks Philippines - Featured Holiday Beverages 2016 Santa Hat Dark Mocha

This year, the Santa Hat Dark Mocha Frappucino joins the recurring crowd-favorite Toffee Nut and Peppermint Mocha, replacing the horrible Christmas Panettone Latte. The Santa Hat Dark Mocha is Starbucks' Dark Mocha Frappucinno (my favorite Starbucks Frappe!) that's topped off with a santa hat made of strawberry whipped cream that's drizzled with delicious strawberry syrup. 

The Santa Hat Dark Mocha Beverage is  also available as a Latte or an Iced drink, at the same price, if you're not a Frappucino fan. I love the balance of dark mocha and strawberry syrup so much that I find myself hooked right away! This is certainly a great way to bounce back from last year's subpar Christmas beverage. 

It's so good that I probably won't be getting the Toffee Nut Latte this year, it's going to be all Santa Hat for me!

Have fun collecting stickers this year. Let me know, which design would you be getting?

Rating: 4.5/5  

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