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Burgers & Brewskies: Awesome Burgers and Imported Brews

Burgers & Brewskies is one Metro Manila restaurant that brings to the forefront two of the best things you can devour- burgers and beer. They have a wide variety of specialty burgers to choose from that you can pair up with their selection of some of the best beers imported from around the world. If you want to know more about Burgers & Brewskies, I strongly recommend you check out this vlog by The Pickiest Eater to get a glimpse of the inspiration behind it.

I have eaten at Burgers & Brewskies a few times, for lunch or inuman with friends, and I always leave feeling happy and stuffed. Here's what you can expect from Burgers & Brewskies...

I love the fun signs that's scattered all over the walls. It adds to an atmosphere that makes you want to chow down on burgers and drink loads of alcohol. It's has a Texas-like feel to it that would make your inner cowboy proud.

The Call The Nurse (Php 280) is a crowd favorite at Burgers & Brewskies and it's also my go-to burger. A fair warning though, it's not for the faint of heart. The Call the Nurse is filled with the goodness of BACON and SEARED MAC & CHEESE. How can you not want to gobble that up?

I have tried the Hector Salamanca (Php 240), which is perfect for those who like a kick of chili on their burger since it's drizzled with chili oil and Jalapeno cream, and the Kandi (Php 265), for those of you with an extra affinity for sweets. They're great, but they're just not as good as BACON and MAC & CHEESE in a burger. Maybe that's just me so let me know which burger's your favorite. 

The Sweet Potato Fries (Php 65) is highly recommended since it complements the burgers quite nicely. You can get this and a drink by adding just 80 pesos to your order of burger.

Of course, nothing beats enjoying quality beer with some of the grub at Burgers & Brewskies. I can't find it on the online menu but I did like these mushroom poppers with a mustard dip. That's also highly recommended. 

The Hefeweizen was sweet and smooth, perfect for those who like light beer. Prices are a bit steep, so I recommend you get beer that you cannot otherwise find on your favorite specialty alcohol stores.

As for help on the choice of beer, you can check out my previous article on 11 imported and local beers that we sampled to get our thoughts.

The Curly Tailes (Php 145) may be on the Kid's Grub but if you love the Mac & Cheese on their Call the Nurse, then you'll love having this to complement your drinks. It's rich and the bacon bits make it all the more yummy.

Food Quality: 4.0
Service Quality: 3.5
Ambiance: 4.0

Overall Rating: 4.0

If you're a burger or beer lover, you can't miss Burgers & Brewskies. Awesome burgers and great beer makes it a perfect place to hang out with the guys (or gals) on a Friday night. 

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