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Peperoni Pizzeria: The Home of 21" Thin-Crust, Wood-Fired Pizzas

Peperoni Pizzeria is a Singaporean pizza franchise known for their thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas. All the pizzas that come out of their oven are prepared with their signature homemade dough, which took years to perfect, and is one of the reasons why Peperoni Pizzeria became a local pizza darling in Singapore. 

The restaurant currently offers 16 pizza flavors that come in 3 sizes, from a 9" pizza to their signature 21" pizzas, and 14 pasta flavors. A number of pizzas in their menu are classic Italian flavors that Peperoni Pizzeria that's perfectly done.

Here's what you can expect from Peperoni Pizzeria...

The restaurant looks very casual, it doesn't feel intimidating and the place is way better than your typical fast-food pizza joint. It's bright, clean, and its a place where you'd love to enjoy pizza and beer after a long day at work.

The Funghi Portobello con Pollo (Php 455) is a must-try at Peperoni Pizzeria. It's a deep fried whole portobello mushroom with sauteed chicken fillets in red wine sauce. It's certainly one of my favorite dishes and is just the perfect appetizer before the pizza arrives. It packed with loads of flavor, but I think it can do without the chicken.

The Alle Vongole (Php 420) is a tasty pasta with venus clams in white wine sauce. It has a very strong garlic flavor that just compliments the clams and the white wine. The pasta was al dente and it's not a dish you would normally find in the Philippines so I do recommend you try it out.

Each order of pizza is made fresh with each order and is crafted with only premium ingredients. The pizza comes in the following sizes:

9" Medium  - Php 395
12" Large - Php 565
21" XXL - Php 1250

The Pancetta is my favorite Peperoni Pizzeria pizza! It's topped with cured bacon, sliced tomatoes, and soft eggs. It was just the perfect balance of flavors throughout, which makes it the best pizza out of the 5 flavors I've tried. I mean, look at the amount bacon that's on it! 

The Proscuitto Crudo di Parma is a delicious pizza topped with parma ham and rocket salad. Proscuitto, cheese, and rocket is a classic and it's one that Peperoni Pizzeria does beautifully. It's my second favorite pizza in Peperoni because I'm just a sucker for proscuitto and cheese.

The Bacon Miele is the perfect pizza for bacon lovers with a sweet tooth. Made with bacon, honey, fresh oregano, and gouda cheese, this is said to be made especially for Filipinos according to Booky

The Tiramisu (Php 295) is a Peperoni Pizzeria favorite that's made with savoiardi layered in mascarpone, flavored with aromatic coffee and kahlua. It's a nice sweet finish to a heavy meal.

Here's the difference between the Large 12"pizza and the XXL 21" pizza in case you're wondering how huge the difference is. I wonder how you'd fit this in the car going home?

Food Quality: 4.0
Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 4.5

Overall Quality: 4.0

For all the hype that it's been getting, Peperoni Pizzeria certainly deserves it based on how delicious their pizzas are. Good pizza isn't supposed to be packed full of toppings, but rather should have the proper blend of quality ingredients to make the flavors shine. Peperoni Pizzeria didn't disappoint on that front, with each pizza seemingly simple, yet very delicious. 

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