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I Am Kim: Satisfy Your Bibimbap Cravings With Some Pretty Creative Bibimbap Bowls

I Am Kim is a Korean restaurant in Estancia Mall that focuses one of Korea's signature dishes - the bibimbap. For those not privy to Korean cuisine (which is difficult in Korea-crazy Philippines), the bibimbap is really just a flavored rice bowl topped with a variety of meat and vegetables. It's well-loved because of the beautiful assortment of colors and loads of flavor all in one bowl. 

A number of fellow food bloggers have been raving about the creativity and passion that Chef Him Uy de Baron put into this restaurant, so I was excited to finally being able to try it out! 

Here's more on our I am Kim experience...

The restaurant was clean and colorful. I really liked the really fun vibes that the place exudes, particularly from this colorful wall. 

The restaurant also serves a Kim Special 11-dish buffet for only Php299 with unlimited Korean Burrito and Quesadilla, unlimited drinks, and unlimited Melona ice cream. I thought the buffet was decent and I would personally recommend you get servings of the Kimchi Tofu Jigae, Kimchi Fried Rice, Korean Fried Dumplings, and Kim's Meat Balls. 

I Am Kim's creative Bibimbap creations is definitely the star of the restaurant and you can choose from 10 bibimbap concepts - from the classic Korean Bap to Filipino-Korean fusion bowls. We were able to try the Umami Bomb Bap, the Adobo Flakes Bap, the Barbeque Bap, and the Fish & Tofu Bap. 

You can actually avail of Eat All You Can Bibimbap along with the regular buffet for only Php 499 at I am Kim. A fair warning though, these bibimbap bowls are packed with rice so there's a good chance you'll only be able to finish one so make sure to bring a group of friends so you can try a number of different varieties. 

You can only just order any bibimbap for Php240 - Php360 per bowl if you aren't feeling particularly starved.  

The Umami Bomb Bap is the restaurant's bestseller and is also our favorite bibimbap! It's loaded with a number of protein and vegetables that is just full of flavor in each bite. As mentioned by a number of other food bloggers, make sure to put loads of Umami Butter in it. A truly amazing dish from Chef Him! 

The Barbeque Bap is my second favorite dish given that it's packed with protein and flavor. I'm a sucker for anything barbeque so it does reflect my personal taste. If you love barbeque as much as much as I do, then I certainly recommend this. 

The Adobo Flakes Bap was also good, but it only ranks third in my list because the first two tasted really great. I liked the smokey flavor and the crispiness of the adobo flakes. Who would have thought that adobo would actually make a pretty great bibimbap? 

The Fish & Tofu Bap wasn't as good as the three baps above and I didn't think it was anything special. I wouldn't recommend it. 

Food Quality: 4.0
Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 3.5

Overall Quality: 4.0

If you love the Korean bibimbap, you should definitely drop by I am Kim to try a number of their bibimbap creations. I recommend that you get the Umami Bomb Bap first and then try their other baps. A number of foodies have been raving about the B.E.C. Bap as well, and it's on my radar the next time I visit I am Kim. Enjoy!

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