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Quik Snack: Enjoy Home-Cooked Tsinoy Favorites From Amah's Kitchen Since 1967

Quik Snack, located along a tiny alley called Carvajal Street, is somewhat easy to miss in the busy streets of Binondo. The restaurant has been renovated to keep up with the times, so a first time visitor would probably be surprised to know that Quik Snack is actually one of the oldest restaurants in Binondo. Established in 1967 by Amah Pilar, who was already 60 years old at the time, the restaurant withstood the test of time and has made millions of loyal patrons fat and happy. 

What sets Quik Snack apart is quality home-cooked Hokkien food spiced up with other Asian flavors. The menu has been tweaked a number of times over the years, but you can dine in the comfort knowing that the recipes from Quik Snack's core dishes are still prepared the way Amah herself would cook these dishes in decades past. 

We had a number of their favorites and here's how our experience was like...

A brief history of Quik Snack is placed on the wall for everyone to read. It tells the story of Amah and how her love for cooking quality home-style Hokkien food brought us Quik Snack. I recommend you read it while enjoying some of their delicious dishes. 

The Kuchay-Ah (Php 40) is an Chinese-style empanada that is filled with pork, muhrooms, tofu, chives, and number of other vegetables. It was very yummy as each ingredient blended beautifully well together to create a really savory empanada. The bread was crisp so that when you bite through the flavor from the filling just bursts into your mouth, adding to the overall experience.  

This dish is highly recommended! 

The Beef Pansit Guisado or Sate Beef Mi (Php 140) looked like a regular pansit dish, but it's really good. It's probably the best pansit I've tasted, and that really is high-praise. It's said that when you talk about Quik Snack, the Sate Beef Mi is the first thing you'd think about. I have no qualms there, and agree wholeheartedly. 

The Sate Beef Mi is composed of Beef, vegetables, and flavored with a very savory sate sauce - owning to the slightly Indonesian influence in Amah's cooking. After one bite, I couldn't stop myself from eating some more.

Trust me, don't leave Quik Snack without trying out this delicious pansit dish. You won't regret it.

The White Fungus (Php 60) is said to be good for you when you're sick because it's a dessert that isn't too sweet. The flavor was very light and the dessert was lightly sweetened. The soup itself has a syrupy consistency. 

I didn't like it personally but my fellow foodie friends liked it a lot. I recommend you try it to see if it is for you or not. 

The place was packed when we were there and that speaks volumes of how much people love dining at Quik Snack. Both the ambiance and service was several notches above what other Binondo favorites offer. If you're with a group of friends who aren't down to eating in carinderia type establishments, it's safe to bring them to Quik Snack.

Food Quality: 3.5
Service Quality: 3.5
Ambiance: 3.5

Overall Quality: 3.5

My first time trying out Quick Snack certainly did not disappoint. I can't wait to come back to have more of that mouthwatering Pansit Guisado, and to try their other bestsellers such as the Fried Lumpia or the Indonesian Tofu. 

Quik Snack
637-639 Carvajal Street, Binondo, Manila
(02) 243-2674

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  1. Surprising that they've been around since 1967 but they're only at around 3 rating.
    But I would love to try it. I love Chinese food, second to Italian. :)