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7 Flavors Buffet: A Nice, Affordable Feast By Celebrity Chef Boy Logro

If you were ever curious as to what Celebrity Chef Boy Logro's cooking tastes like after watching him cook so many times in his GMA 7 show, Idol sa Kusina, then you only have to drop by 7 Flavors Buffet and Restaurant (Addition Hills, San Juan City) to feast on a his kitchen creations. 7 Flavors features a restaurant and cafe in the first floor where you can order a variety of dishes a la carte. If you're looking for a value-for-money buffet, you can head upstairs and a variety of carefully crafted dishes, by Chef Boy Logro and his team, will be waiting for as low as Php 400 during weekdays.

It may not have the same variety of dishes or exuberance when compared with the more popular Vikings or Buffet 101, but as a value-for-money option I would say it's pretty good.

The second floor feels like a quiet, cozy spot to enjoy a meal. The restaurant does not have the long tables, fancy couches, or grand decors but the place is clean and is a nice, cozy spot to enjoy a meal. There's also a separate room dedicated for events. The place isn't large, and can fit at most 50 people by my estimate so it doesn't get to crowded.

Of course, Chef Boy Logro is the first to welcome you to his restaurant even before you step in the door.

The buffet has a salad bar, a make-your-own-taco section, bread, and soups to start of the meal.

7 Flavors also prepares a variety of dishes every night that features a broad array of international dishes. The dishes remain largely Filipino, but they also serve some really nice Asian flavors.

The restaurant also has a dessert bar for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. The dishes are still Filipino-inspired but there's a bit of variety here as well.

Here's the Taco Bar where you can make your own Tacos!

A buffet isn't complete without a Japanese section! 7 Flavors has this Maki Platter that has a variety of common Japanese maki. There wasn't anything special about it but it does add a bit of variety to the buffet.

The soup changes daily to give it some variety, but I would have to give their version of pumpkin soup two thumbs up. I really liked how creamy and rich it was. Definitely a nice way to start a meal.

The Lechon Al Horno is just what the doctor ordered (us not to eat)! These juicy pieces of pork with beautifully crispy skin is already worth a visit to 7 Flavors. I really liked the fact that you can indulge in as much lechon as you'd like. I even saw a kid just eating a plate that's just full of lechon.. with no rice! Thank God he's still a young little kiddo!

I loved the Thai Fish Curry since the sauce was rich, creamy, and delicious. The fish was still moist and the mixture of spices used in the dish is such a great combination. If you're a fan of curry, you're sure to love this. 

Since I'm such a sucker for seafood, I had ate a few rounds from this Singaporean Mixed Seafood. I really liked the vibrant flavors that comes with all the seafood and the slight kick of spice from the sauce. 

The Chicken Fricassee was a nice and creamy dish that was so full of mushrooms. The chicken was nicely cooked and the cream sauce was nicely seasoned. It's a nice dish to get to cut through all the salt from a lot of the previous dishes.  

7 Flavors also has a carving station that features this Beef Pot Roast that's cooked very tender. It was nicely done with some homemade gravy that gives it a lovely, salty flavor.

If you're crazy about halo-halo then you'll love the fact that they have their very own Halo-Halo Station. You can have as much halo-halo as you can possibly eat!

This will come as a bit of a surprise, but my favorite dessert would be this creamy, delicious Maja Blanca. I'm not usually a fan of kakanin but these Maja Blanca bites were just so good that I couldn't stop eating (even though by this time I already had a large food baby!)

These Chocolate-topped Cream Puffs were also pretty tasty with the cream filling having just the right amount of sweetness. A friend of mine kept coming back to the dessert station to get more of these delicious bites.

If you're looking for a great drink to pair with all that food, I highly recommend that you get the Elvis. It's a smoothie made with bacon, peanut butter, and banana - a combination that's said to compose of Elvis' favorite sandwich. It was just so indulgent that I loved every sip. I mean, it has BACON... what more can you ask for?

Food Quality: 3.5

Service Quality: -
Ambiance: 4.0

Overall Rating: 3.5

7 Flavors isn't a luxury buffet, but it is a buffet that serves pretty decent food at a very affordable price. There are hits and misses here, but for as low as Php 400 I won't be complaining. I would recommend this if you're just around San Juan and are on a tight budget but you'd like to splurge a little. 

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    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. The author did not pay for any of the dishes mentioned in this article. This, however, does not impair the unbiased opinion of the reviewer. 

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